How One Simple Skill Can Change Your World

How One Simple Skill Can Change Your World

There is a lot we can all learn from successful individuals like Mike Barron who grew up in extreme poverty but was able to build a multi-million dollar empire. Born to a 16-year-old single mother, Mike grew up in a reality that his surroundings constructed for him. Although his single mother tried everything to make him a person of respect, Mike followed a completely different path. He became a gang member before he even graduated high school but he never had bad intentions, he really just wanted to fit in. He wanted to be the cool kid that everybody respected, but taking this path set him up for years of struggle.

There were times in my 20s when I didn’t even have money to eat. I am extremely grateful for my beautiful wife who always believed in me and encouraged me through everything.”, says Mike.

After meeting his wife at age 24, Mike decided to completely change his life. He attended college and at age 27, he landed his dream job where he started earning six figures for the first time. He first became an advisor at a college to later become the president of that same institution. However, all of that ended when the college he was working with lost accreditation, and his only option at the time was to park other people’s cars for a living.

I respect every hustle and I know being a valet is a good job, but after I had worked so hard for my dreams, I was disappointed to go from being the president of a college to parking other people’s cars. It was at this moment when I realized I needed to learn high-valuable skills and start my own business– Mike Barron.

This motivated Mike to learn how to do sales. He spent a lot of time developing the skill that later led him to build an agency that teaches gym owners and personal trainers on how to do sales and generate leads on demand through social media. He recently opened his proven system to the public and it has led to many success stories including him getting two prestigious awards which is the 2-Comma Club Award and where his students are closing one million dollars in sales in only forty-five days.

Definitely the first step towards success is deciding and committing to your decisions. If you know you want something, be relentless until you get it. Don’t make excuses, your background and upbringing are not what is keeping you stuck, you are!” – Mike Barron.

Follow Mike’s journey to grow your wealth with his daily advice.

Derek Robins

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