How Lara “The Ecom Wolf” was able to build multiple 7 figure brands in 1 year

How Lara “The Ecom Wolf” was able to build multiple 7 figure brands in 1 year

Many have read success stories about individuals who struggled against great odds to become outstanding in their chosen field. However, how often have you read about a person so fiercely dedicated to their goals and went from food stamps to 7 figures in a year?

After graduating from College, Lara joined Real Estate, where she brought her sales skills to play, helping individuals buy or sell their homes. Working as a realtor helped her save 50,000 dollars allowing her to invest into her ecommerce dream.  

One motivating factor that made her seek another income source was her displeasure with her job. According to the e-commerce genius, “I rarely got along with any of my bosses and hated working 9-5 jobs.” Lara was intent on gaining control of her finances and generating passive income.

Lara’s thrust to wealth was not rosy like all great success stories. At a stage in her life, she suffered from bad anxiety, that at times she wouldn’t leave the house. However, the zeal to become a high-income earner and change her family’s future kept her going.

E-commerce: A step to Financial Freedom 

After saving $50,000 from Real Estate, Lara knew it was time to go into E-commerce and grow her desired nest of passive income. She started her business and E-commerce store and joined Amazon.

Lara made an incredible 30,000 dollars in her first month. This was all the sign she needed to know she was on the right track. She continued pursuing her dreams relentlessly until sales tanked and her monthly income dropped to 4,000 dollars. 

Lara knew she had to re-strategize to seize the market and solidify her brand presence. So she launched her website, and after making 1.3 million dollars in her first three months, she achieved her lifelong dream of retiring her parents and investing in real estate.

As individuals who desired to break the 9-5 cycle and amass a wealth of passive income, there is a need to study the success story of “the Ecom Wolf. The Palestine-born Lara Rahib has grown from food stamps to earning seven figures yearly. This shows success becomes inevitable when hard work meets preparation.

Empowering 9-5ers to a 6 Figure Income Nest.

When Lara realized Amazon was tanking her sales, she knew she had to find a better alternative. She created her website and pushed her brand. The effect shook the world of e-commerce and drew attention to her exploits. Many of those initially selling on Amazon approached her and asked for mentorship.

In her words, “People kept asking me what I was doing differently, especially people I knew in the amazon space that were experiencing large declines in their business. People were begging me to help them, so I saw it as an opportunity to help others and become a consultant.”

Then she decided to devote a portion of her life to teaching individuals seeking to navigate the murky waters of e-commerce the ropes. She became a consultant to people who wished to leave their daily 9-5 jobs to make 6 to 7 figures. She also helps people seeking to scale their businesses through her consultancy.

Today, “the Ecom Wolf” is creating a solid mentorship platform and opportunities for people to key into the advantages of and generate a net worth that will blow their minds. 

Lara runs a Facebook community where she dishes mind-blowing tips to help you make 6 to 7 figures as she did. You also get to buy some of her courses guaranteed to change your life. Visit her Facebook page, The wolves of Ecom, or follow her on instagram @theecomwolf and get started.

Saqib Malik

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