How Home-Based Business Mogul Lorenzo Green Achieved Success

How Home-Based Business Mogul Lorenzo Green Achieved Success

Self-made millionaire and entrepreneur Lorenzo Green has never had a traditional 9-5 job. And he doesn’t have any plans to ever do so.  The founder of successful million-dollar businesses and ad tech platforms spends his time building and buying 

businesses all from the comfort of his home in Amsterdam–inspiring people to create their own destiny instead of following what they think is expected of them.  

While most teenagers were still figuring out what they wanted for lunch, 16-year old Green was already a self-taught graphic designer, designing websites for multiple clients. By the time he was 17 years old, he was buying and selling domains. He was an innovative genius who made the most out of his early years and leveraged his technical skill set.

In a time where many are still struggling to find their career paths, this young entrepreneur was running a successful business at the age of 19. It started with this Kiwi’s passion to learn more about internet marketing, which motivated him to attend a domain conference in Seattle. There, he learned about Google Adwords from some of the best in the business and was instantly hooked. He focused his efforts on Google Adwords and quickly became an expert in the field. He found his niche in building music and gaming forums.

Lorenzo is not one to shy away from a challenge and even with all this success under his belt. The pandemic that hit the conference circuit left a lot of cancellations. His intuition told him that cancellations were inevitable and he didn’t want the company to stop growing. So instead of canceling events, he pivoted their business into virtual conferences which are now more profitable than ever before. Ad World and Ecom World became some of the largest and most successful virtual conferences in the world. 

From his younger years to now, it’s clear that Lorenzo Green has a natural talent for marketing. His passion and drive are unmatched which makes him one of today’s most prominent entrepreneurs online. It’s exciting to see how this entrepreneur will continue to dominate the internet marketing landscape.

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