How exactly does Speed Keto differ from other diets? Just ask Meagan!

How exactly does Speed Keto differ from other diets? Just ask Meagan!

In this article, we can read a brief explanation from Meagen as to how Speed Keto is different from other diet plans. The client shares her personal experience and tells us what previous diet plans she had followed and how they differ from Speed Keto.

She also makes note of what advantages Speed Keto provided for her, how quickly she saw results from it, and how she is planning on making it her new lifestyle.

What did you have the most trouble with while on regular Keto, or why did regular Keto not work for you and Speed Keto did?

Meagan: I was very confused at first by the macro counting on regular keto and keeping track of everything is time consuming and frustrating. I need to see a plan and I need a visual schedule and the calendar laid out on speed keto is great and easy to follow.

What other diet plans have you followed in the past? (How did they work out for you? And, how do they compare to your experience with Speed Keto?)

Meagan: I did the HCG diet years ago, I did lose 100lbs over a few years and lots of rounds. But I find speed keto to be an easier plan to follow thru with and way more variety and options for food. Easier to modify meals for my family as well.

Will you be recommending Speed Keto to your friends and family?

Meagan: Yes, I already have! I’ve got lots of people asking me how I got such fast results and I gladly tell them it was due to Speed Keto.

How long did it take for Speed Keto to start working for you?

Meagan: Immediately! I dropped 5lbs of water weight and debloated after day 1.

Are you planning to continue or follow Speed Keto again in the near future? (Why or Why not?)

Meagan: Yes! I plan to make it my lifestyle! So easy to follow and maintain and I feel so much better overall.

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