How Erin And Sarit Went From Working As Personal Trainers To Starting Their Own Business, Inspiring Tens Of Thousands To Take Charge Of Their Health And Lifestyle

How Erin And Sarit Went From Working As Personal Trainers To Starting Their Own Business, Inspiring Tens Of Thousands To Take Charge Of Their Health And Lifestyle

Erin and Sarit run a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle mentorship business. Their path is an inspiring one.

It started off 15 years ago, when they were both extremely disappointed with the way they looked and felt about themselves. Having tried countless diets, meal plans, coaches and workout plans, nothing seemed to get them the results they were looking for. They thought something must be wrong with them. It was the lowest point in their lives.

However, as the years went on they finally cracked the code to the body. Enabling them to not only transform their own bodies but to also impact and transform thousands of clients’ lives.

“Rather than focusing on diets or meal plans, we focus on behavioral change and creating the habits required to sustain the body that you were looking to achieve.” Explain Erin and Sarit.

Erin and Sarit’s motivation to start their own business came from the fact that they didn’t want to have a ceiling on the number of people they could impact and help change their lives for the better. Previously, the two worked as personal trainers at both 24 Hour Fitness and Equinox.

“We understood that in the same amount of time we could help so many more people and, because we know that we had what it took, shame on us if we didn’t take the leap of faith to go create our own empire!” State Erin and Sarit.

Of course, taking the leap and starting a business comes with its risks and challenges. For Erin and Sarit, their main challenge was learning how to run an actual business and staying committed with daily learning and discipline.

They believe the greatest reason most businesses fail is they are unable to sell their products or services in quantities great enough, at prices high enough quickly in the marketplace.

Erin and Sarit’s inspiration to start their fitness business comes from the impact that their own transformations had on their lives, in every aspect. They wanted to channel that same passion, compassion and drive to other people. To give them an identical sense of food freedom, body freedom and self-worth.

Erin and Sarit also pointed out the importance of mindset, especially when starting a business. Which requires consistency, work ethic and the ability to deal with the fact that not everyone will like what you have to say.
“It’s everything! As cliché as it sounds, if you believe it, you can achieve it. It requires resiliency, stamina, and growth of the mind to succeed in building a business.” Recall Erin and Sarit.
For Erin and Sarit, success means overcoming something that was once difficult. Then, persisting and moving forward consistently, whether in good or bad times.
In fact, they openly stated that the biggest obstacle they’ve had to overcome was themselves and their own mental obstacles. The belief that they are worth the life they were working hard to create. Plus, eliminating people from their lives that claimed to be supportive. When in reality, they weren’t.
As for their upcoming projects, Erin and Sarit are working on an evergreen webinar that they did live. Which had remarkable success helping people to learn how to stop yo-yo dieting in a way that nobody teaches. That way is losing weight in a sustainable, realistic and simplistic way, which helps one to not only lose weight but to keep it off in the long-run as well.
“We are going to change the lives of millions of people through the same movement, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that transformed our own” Recount Erin and Sarit.

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