Hijack 1971 (2024), A New Korean Film: Cast, Release Date, And More Details

Hijack 1971 (2024), A New Korean Film: Cast, Release Date, And More Details

The newest action-crime drama slated for release in the US in July 2024 is called Hijack 1971, a Korean film. It features Yeo Jin-Goo and Ha Jung-Woo in the key roles and is based on a genuine story. The plot centers on the hijacking of a domestic flight from South Korea, which results in a forced landing in North Korea.

“The film tells the story of individuals battling for survival in a dire circumstance following the hijacking of a passenger plane in Korean airspace in 1971.” After Captain Gyu Sik is hurt, pilot Tae-In of the South Korean Air Force assumes command of the aircraft. Bomber Yong Dae hijacks the aircraft and demands to take it to his brother’s home country of North Korea.

When will the US premiere of Hijack 1971?

On Friday, July 5, 2024, the Korean film Hijack 1971 is scheduled to open in theaters across the US. It was first made available on Friday, June 21, 2024, in South Korea. One hour and forty minutes is how long it runs for.

Hijack 1971 cast & the characters they play

Ha Jung-Woo as Korean Air Force pilot Tae-In, Sung Dong-Il as captain Gyu-Sik, Chae Soo-Bin as flight attendant Ok Soon, and Yeo Jin-Goo as hijacker Yong Dae are among the cast members in Hijack 1971. Though the names are different, the characters are based on actual persons.

Hotel del Luna actor Jin-Goo takes up the antagonist role in the film. In a press conference, he said, “There was a real person that Yong Dae is based on, but I mainly created the character when discussing with the director and watching the films that the director recommended.” He added, “As I focused on Yong Dae’s state of mind and his situation before the bombing (of the plane), rather than after the bombing, the expression and the look of the character naturally came.”

It’s interesting to note that this is director Kim Sung-Han’s directorial debut. Moon You-Kang, Im Se-Mi, Kim Sun-Young, Chung Ye-Jin, Moon Woo-Jin, and Kim Chul-Yoon are among the other actors in the film.

The US premiere of Hijack 1971 is scheduled for July 5, 2024.

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