Here Is How To Build Your Personal Brand

Here Is How To Build Your Personal Brand

A personal brand is not merely acquiring website traffic, email subscribers or having an online presence or reaching a revenue goal. In fact, it is more than that. You really need to build a strong personal brand in order to get what all you desire and aspire for.

We got to speak with Mr. Gaurav Gulati, India’s No.1 Personal Branding Consultant and world-renowned brand engagement strategist, in a discourse he shared how one can build his/her personal brand.

Gulati in a statement said, “No matter how fancy your website looks, how many Instagram followers you have, how enticing your product is, if people are not willing to pay you for your adroitness.”

“Before you plan to build your personal brand, you need to craft a positioning statement, a document that explains who you are, where your skills lie, and how you can help others. A statement that contains your values and passion, along with your key traits. All this should be displayed on your website, social media profiles and in the videos and articles,” said Gulati, “At first you may find it difficult to answer these questions; however, having clearly defined positioning statements can help you tremendously in building your personal brand.”

Further Gulati said, “One should always start small, know your target audience, and always keep your audience first. Once you have a well-developed personal brand, achieving your goals is no more a distant dream then.”

So, guys do as Gaurav Gulati says. Or you can even ask for his help as he is an expert in building personal brands. He has helped several people in building personal brands. His clientele includes models, celebrities, politicians, athletes etc. He was featured as Asia’s leading personal branding and brand engagement consultant in Fortune 500 Global Workplace Trends 2017.

To know more about Gaurav Gulati visit his official website

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