HBO Max lowered the price after the release of HBO from Amazon Prime Video

HBO Max lowered the price after the release of HBO from Amazon Prime Video

Like a New Jersey mobster struggling to take care of his family while facing his own mental health issues, HBO is trying to make you an offer you can’t turn down.

Warnermedia, the platform’s parent company, is set to buy a 50% discount in front of HBO Max users after customers bleed as a result of the authorities’ decision to cancel HBO from Amazon Prime Video’s channel. Platform

As of the deadline, the half-discount will run from today until September 26 and will be available to both new and returning customers who previously entered HBO through Amazon’s Channel platform. The deal, which will run for six months, will bring HBO Max’s monthly subscription price to 7.49 (HBO Max costs $ 15 / month without ads or $ 10 per month with ads.)

On September 15, HBO was removed from Prime Mazon Prime Video’s channel service – the result of a deal cut by HBO’s parent company Warnermedia, which sought to end the relationship as part of an attempt to cut the middle man. HBO is the “owner” of more of its customers. For the record, HBO Max will still be available as an app on Amazon’s Fire TV service – which is different from the Amazon channel – but the decision to cut channel users from their HBO accounts has already resulted in nearly 5 million unsubscribes. Named to secure HBO Max as a primary access point for future customers who want to access its own streaming content.

It’s worth noting that the sticking point in the previous placement deal was the fact that it allowed Amazon’s channel division to control HBO’s streaming data – which just didn’t sit well with HBO. Sometimes you just want to be the capo of your own subscription data, the capo? This rich North Jersey suburb isn’t big enough for all these streaming platforms and their respective tough battles – and at the end of the day, the city can only have its own big boss. We pray in the name of Gabagul.

Sneha Mali

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