Hasbro unveiled the ‘final’ Nerf version of the Hello Needler gun

Hasbro unveiled the ‘final’ Nerf version of the Hello Needler gun

Previous attempts at the Nerf version of Hello’s Fearless Gun have fallen short, but the latest iteration can only rely on (most) promises. The Verge reports that Hasbro has introduced the Nerf LMTD Halo Needler which looks and works like a prestigious contract weapon. Unfortunately, it still won’t shoot a homing round, but will shoot 10 darts in a row from a motorized blaster rapid-fire drum. The needles light up when you hold the handle, and when you drop foam rounds on your enemies, they will slow down at once.

Hello Infinite is a tie-in, as you can imagine. Hasbro promises in-game cards in boxes with codes for infinite content. The Toymaker doesn’t tell you what you’ll get, so don’t be surprised if it’s connected to a needle.

The blaster will chew six AA 1.5V batteries at a time. However, you won’t mind when you have a light-up display mode and a matching stand to show your acquisition.

If you want to brand real-world hello gear, you have to be especially patient. The Nerf LMTD Halo Needler is now available to pre-order from Amazon for 100, but it will not be shipped until December 1, 2022. Look no further: this may be the most effective hello blaster you can shop for. A long, long time.

Sneha Mali

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