Hair designer Murat Kılıç is the new favorite of the series producers

Hair designer Murat Kılıç is the new favorite of the series producers

Hair design artist Murat Kılıç has become the favorite of TV series and filmmakers. Kılıç, who has worked with many actors before, receives offers to take part in the backstage of many TV series and film projects that have just begun to be shot. The successful designer is evaluating the offers he has received these days.

Murat Kılıç, who previously gave trainings for giant cosmetics brands, taught the intricacies of hair design to many names, including Europe’s favorite supermodels.

Kılıç, who has been working with celebrities for a long time, started to receive offers from new big-budget TV series and cinema projects. Kılıç, who has been on the sets before, said that this interest made him happy: “These are good offers of doing your job with love and acting with the awareness that your profession is actually an art. I have worked with actors in many popular productions before. However, this time, many projects. “The offer came and the times overlap. It is not possible for me to catch up with all of them. I will choose between them.”

Murat Kılıç said that while designing hair for the actors, he also considers the character he will portray as well as his physical features: “Our job is not just about cutting hair. Finding the most suitable haircut for a person’s facial structure is dexterous. This is where the situation we call ‘art’ comes into play. First We determine the cut suitable for the face structure and then we make a color analysis. At this point, skin and eye color are important. The characteristic structure of the role the actor will play is also one of the factors that determine the hair design. For example, if he is going to portray a rebellious personality, it is necessary to choose more extraordinary colors and models, or a calm, ladylike person. If he is going to play the woman, it is necessary to make a suitable choice for him.”

29-year-old successful hair designer Murat Kılıç started his career at the age of 16. Kılıç continued his career with THEMOST Coiffeur brand in 2018 after working for 3 years at Toni&Guy, which he started in 2015. Murat Kılıç became the founding partner of THEMOST Bahçeşehir branches in 2020 and THEMOST Beylikdüzü branches in 2022.

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