Gursewak Singh Jaisal, from scratch to millionaire

Gursewak Singh Jaisal, from scratch to millionaire

Born in a small town, Gursewak Singh Jaisal is the current director of WAF Entrepreneurs.

This young entrepreneur of today’s generation hails from a middle-class family, but his financial background never came between him and his dreams. He moved to different cities with his parents during his childhood, changing various schools. After a lot of shifting, he finally found his permanent place in Chandigarh, where he completed his graduation and masters. He did his graduation in psychology, public administration, and economics from Punjab University and a master’s in economics from the same University.

Gursewak Singh Jaisal started his professional journey at a very young age. At the age of 18, he involved himself in various jobs like photography, backstage management, real estate, etc. His degrees didn’t satisfy him and his zeal to learn new things. He got involved in media, his parent’s legacy, but soon left that. He tried his luck in business but that didn’t go well either. Today, he has worked for other well-known companies like Samsung and Hitachi. He is the founder of the worldfilmandartsorganization and made it a success by working diligently. Gursewak Singh Jaisal has done some events and short films under the same. He has also worked as a producer in the international Punjabi news channel, Juspunjabi.

While searching for job opportunities in social media, he came across WAF Entrepreneurs which was the turning point in his life. WAF Entrepreneur is a firm that is lending a helping hand to the skilled young generation and local businesses as well, providing them with support and opportunities. Gursewak Singh Jaisal and his team have a great role in WAF Entrepreneurs’ success.

A helping hand to the youths:

For someone from a middle-class family, Gursewak Singh Jaisal has come a long way. He is earning six figures in today’s date. His determination and hard work have made him a successful Entrepreneur. By believing in himself and trusting his skills, Gursewak took the road not taken and tasted success. Today, he has come up with the biggest networking firm, i.e. network4group and real estate firm named orange venture. Gursewak’s vision behind both the firms is Entrepreneurial development and he won’t sit idle till he achieves his goals.

Gursewak Singh Jaisal believes that life gives everyone opportunities to make a healthy and wealthy future and it is our dedication that leads to success. He believes that this young generation has a lot of skills and potential but not the appropriate opportunities. He along with WAF Entrepreneurs are working for the development of entrepreneurship and decreasing unemployment in youths. Kickstarting your career early will allow you to know about your passion. His experiences in all those different fields have made him what he is now. He aims at making the young generation financially stable by driving them towards their passion. Gursewak Singh Jaisal says that our education system is making robots by repeating the same things to everyone. In his opinion, it’s not the skill but the vision

with which one works that matters the most.

Any country’s future depends upon its youth and Gursewak Singh Jaisal with WAF Entrepreneurs’ aims at their development, ultimately contributing to India’s development.

Derek Robins

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