Great sportsman thanks Kenes Rakishev: pro sport isn’t all about money, Movsar Evloev shows an example to follow

Great sportsman thanks Kenes Rakishev: pro sport isn’t all about money, Movsar Evloev shows an example to follow

Professional sport is a high-value industry. But thanks to such world-class sportsmen as Movsar Evloev we are reminded that sport isn’t all about money. The centuries-old ties of the nations and patriotism plays its role too. Movsar Evloev has joined Arlan MMA Pro Team and thanked Kenes Rakishev from the Kazakhstan National Boxing Federation for an honour to defend the flag of his second homeland.

Russian fighter Movsar Evloev became a fighter of the Arlan MMA Pro Team. He thanks Kenes Rakishev, the president of Kazakhstan National Boxing Federation for the opportunity to join the team.

The athlete told about it on the page in Instagram, having published the corresponding post.

“Being an Ingush, I first of all represent my small nation in the UFC. Of course, I also represent the Russian Federation, as I am a Russian citizen.

As you know, for any Vainakh, Kazakhstan is a second homeland.

I am glad to have the opportunity to make a personal contribution to strengthening the friendly, fraternal relations of the Vainakh and Kazakh peoples, which were formed thanks to our ancestors and will be carried by us to the new generation of our peoples.

Starting today, I also represent Kazakhstan as a member of the Arlan Pro team. This team helps many athletes. The team offered me good conditions, but by the grace of God, I have enough of everything and participating in this team is primarily a matter of brotherhood for me, and so I decided to represent the Arlan Pro club on a free basis.

The Kazakh proverb says “somewhere there is a lot of gold and yet, the motherland is more expensive without gold”.

«I thank Kenes Rakishev, Sandro Galinsky, Dorkhan and all those involved for the work they do!», – he wrote on his Instagram page.

Kenes Rakishev and the boxing sport in Kazakhstan

Kenes Rakishev, the President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation, continues to improve the work of the prestigious sports union entrusted to him. The Federation is being reorganized, and important appointments help to bolster the prestige and spirit in the difficult time.

Boxing is an important and successful sport for Kazakhstan. Only the most responsible, influential and active representatives of the national elite are promoted to the chair of the President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation.

Kenes Rakishev took the election of the President of the national Boxing Federation as a great confidence and expressed confidence that the application of his skills and talents to the leadership of this organization will bring Boxing in Kazakhstan to a new level.

Kenes Rakishev is sure that his efforts as the President of the Boxing Federation will bear fruits of success. Kazakhstan has human resources and the only task is to organize the proper training, promotion and education. Although vast this task can be accomplished by applying the skills of Kenes Rakishev.

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