Google’s upcoming Pixel tablet may have a stylus

Google’s upcoming Pixel tablet may have a stylus

Google is working on a Pixel-branded Android tablet next year. We know for sure that it will run on Android. But other details are unclear – there was some talk of a smart home focus, but with the release of the Pixel name, there were doubts about whether it would prevail. So, where is the need for writing? Apparently, the company has found one.

In short, in 2018 Google joined the Universal Stylus Initiative which came with two features on how to design and behave active stylus. Version 2.0 was released on the last day of February this year, which used NFC to charge the stylus wirelessly. Attach it to the magnet on the tablet and pen and you get the charging design that is already on the HP Chromebook x2 11.

Tech blog NuGiz has noticed that the USI has certified a tablet from Google with only the name “Tangor” added without any other relevant information. The tablet is supposed to be a pixel tablet, but we have no supporting evidence to prove it. 9to5Google has reported that it will be the first commercial Android product to run with USI certification, excluding the first competing device to hit the market.

Pixel products serve a dual purpose: as Google’s customer-leading hardware brand, and; As a developer workhorse for everything for Android. For app developers, the details are all the rage, so this hint could quickly benefit some curious beavers … if they believe the Pixel tablet will include a stylus in the box. If the pen is sold separately, it looks like a bad design plan to go through the latest standards.

Sneha Mali

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