Google Tests Android’s New Bottom Search Bar Design Again

Google Tests Android’s New Bottom Search Bar Design Again

The Google app’s bottom search bar was initially shown in 2021, then in late 2023, a more modernized version was made available. A redesigned Material 3 bottom bar including an integrated search box is currently being tested by Google.

This new bottom bar in Google Search for Android has been seen by at least one user today. First off, Material 3 is finally being used, along with a pill-shaped tab indicator. This was initially released for iOS but appears to have been shelved for Android after a short rollout. (That being said, it is featured on the Play Store listing screenshots of the Google app.) This modification on its own goes a long way toward improving the consistency of this first-party application.

The tall search field that used to only show up at the top of the Discover feed is now located above the bottom bar. Currently, the thicker version vanishes from the actual Search results page. It still seems laughably huge, but it stays there for some continuity in the redesign. All in all, a sheet container is used by the bottom bar and search field combined.

One issue is that the “Google” logo no longer appears at the top; instead, the Search filters appear instantly, taking up additional space that could be utilized for results.

The default blue tint is utilized instead of Dynamic Color. It is distinguishable from the Search results page.

The Google app has been appearing a little dated lately, but this update of the bottom search bar seems more contemporary. Hopefully, it will be implemented more widely.

Sanchita Patil

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