Google Reveals Plans to Develop a Fitbit AI Health Chatbot that will Provide Tailored Insights

Google Reveals Plans to Develop a Fitbit AI Health Chatbot that will Provide Tailored Insights

Later in 2024, Fitbit users can anticipate a far more intelligent health and wellness experience with the launch of a brand-new AI-powered health chatbot. This function, which was unveiled at Google’s annual Check Up event, is a part of Google’s larger initiative to incorporate AI technologies into the medical field.

The Fitbit chatbot, which will be a part of Fitbit Labs and launch later this year, will employ cutting-edge AI to evaluate your health data and turn it into useful insights. Google’s approach goes beyond the individualized insights that most health-tracking apps can provide based on charts and graphs. Users can ask the Fitbit chatbot questions on their health in natural language, and the chatbot will analyze the health data gathered by Fitbit wearables.

Google claims that customers can ask the chatbot to function as a personalized health coach by inquiring about possible relationships between various health measures, such as daily activity levels and sleep patterns. After that, the AI will examine patterns and offer insights, which might indicate how, as Google demonstrated at the event, getting more sleep is associated with being more active.

Although specific details on the chatbot’s other features are unknown, we do know that Fitbit Premium users with Android devices enrolled in the Fitbit Labs program will be the first to receive access to it.

Additionally, Google discussed the creation of the Personal Health Large Language Model (LLM), a potent AI model. Based on Google’s current Gemini technology, this model will be specifically optimized for wellness and health. In order to provide even more thorough insights and individualized recommendations, it seeks to evaluate user data from Fitbit and Pixel devices.

In the long run, this Personal Health LLM wants to operate as an on-demand health coach, offering customers practical advice to help them reach their exercise objectives. Consider a chatbot that makes recommendations about how to modify your exercise regimen depending on your past sleeping habits.

Beyond Fitbit, Google is developing an AI with a focus on health. Moreover, Google is developing AMIE (Articulate Medical Intelligence Explorer), a comparable LLM intended to support medical practitioners. Tests are being conducted on AMIE to explore if it can facilitate clinical discussions and help with duties like diagnosis and patient communication.

Sanchita Patil

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