Google Nest cameras now work on Amazon Alexa devices

Google Nest cameras now work on Amazon Alexa devices

The smart home ecosystem is getting a little more integrated: Google has recently updated its Amazon Alexa Skill to work on its latest Nest cameras. So if you already have a variety of Nest and Alexa devices, they will work together to move forward more seamlessly. Now, you can stream live feeds from your Nest camera, doorbell and other devices from your Amazon Fire TV to any Echo device. Amazon made a similar gesture last month to unveil its own smart home ecosystem, when it announced that its doorbell and security cameras would work with Google Nest, Ring, Abode and other third-party devices. Amazon’s Ring Doorbell already works with Google Home and Apple Homekit.

Some other combinations from Nest and Alexa have been available for some time. For example, if you have a Google Nest thermostat, you can ask Alexa to change the temperature in your home. Older Nest cameras and doorbells also have limited Alexa capabilities, but newer skills allow for more cross-platform integration. According to a recent post on Google Nest’s blog, the updated skill is that Alexa will now support NestCam streaming with floodlights, as well as battery-powered models of NestCam and Nest doorbells for echo shows, Fire TVs or Fire tablets. .

If you own a nested doorbell, you can talk to people through your door with any of your Alexa devices (such as Echo, Echo Show, Fire TV and Fire Tablet). Finally, Alexa can announce when Nest Cam or Nest Doorbell finds someone at your front door.

Sneha Mali

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