Google Maps can now let you know how much you’ll pay in tolls

Google Maps can now let you know how much you’ll pay in tolls

Google Maps previously permitted you to stay away from toll roads while requesting driving directions, yet presently it can provide you with an estimate of the amount it’ll cost in the event that you select a route with tolls.

First reviewed in April, the Google Maps app currently offers the option to toggle on or off the toll fare under Settings > Navigation > See toll pass costs.

Toll road fare estimates depend on “trusted information from local tolling authorities” and will consider the day of the week and time of day you’ll go through. Google says the toll feature will cover “nearly 2,000 toll roads in the US, India, Japan, and Indonesia,” with additional nations coming soon.

Google additionally says Maps “will have the option within settings to show toll prices with or without having a toll pass,” since some of the time paying with an automated option like E-ZPass is less expensive than paying in cash. We spotted toll price estimates on Google Maps in iOS and Android, where it was turned on by default. (However, tap Change toll settings under the estimate to switch it off rapidly.) We didn’t yet see the option to pick some different option from a toll pass.

Permitting Google Maps to propose toll roads, in the mean time, can in any case see it suggest them over faster routes that do exclude tolls, so mess with it before you hit the road.

Raeesa Sayyad

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