God Bless Brittany Renner

God Bless Brittany Renner

Consumerism belittles humanity; it’s unfortunate but true. At ground level, the living rules are changing quick and fast. PJ Washington is hoodwinked by Britanny Renner into a money deal… And worst is the belief endorsed by Brittany Renner that ” Athletes are easy money. “

It’s time to contemplate where we are heading; of course, stress was a disturbing lifestyle, busy schedules were breeding loneliness, and thus multiple and illicit relations were gaining numbers, but hoodwinking with a strategic game plan was never the trend.

The sentence by Brittany Renner –
“F*ck an athlete as none of them wear condoms really and it could become an easy source of income” is certainly the most preposterous statement one can clearly identify in complete contrast to the spirit of humanity and healthy relationship.”

The social institution which has been and would be the basis of future citizens seems strictly threatened. The human mind copies examples and such examples where one is shamefully educating the others to follow the unfair trend as a modus operandi to secure one’s future financial needs is uncalled for. Yes, the individualistic pattern of freedom is an evolved form of living with peace and the people with progressive thought endorses it emphatically. Yet, somewhere the human civilization has crossed the line.

No, it’s not an orthodox pattern or blind religiousness that we both advocate ( neither as a behaviourist nor as a brand strategist), but foresight can confirm that the established brand of trust and respect is mandatory for peaceful coexistence stands seriously threatened. Are we going to become runaway parents just making money to secure life and holding the kid as ransom? Mother doing so in the name of taking care surely does not promises will do so, it seems, particularly when the statement of the mother spells a venomous truth.

Brittany Renner an Instagram model, has been behind such an act that it not only makes her one of the most hated people on the internet currently. Brittany Renner, as per reports, will get more than half of Charlotte Hornets star PJ Washington’s annual earnings from his contract with the basketball team. The rulings would have certainly gone down well, but for the revelation that did spill the beans, that this was a conspired act right from the beginning. It is important to note that the video of Renner talking about her body count is making the rounds on Twitter, and in this video, she is heard advising women who had been experiencing hard times to “f**k an athlete” With the added verbal endorsement that – “they are really dumb” and “none of them wears condoms really” suggesting child support is the way to live comfortably. 

It is unfortunate that Charlotte Hornets star PJ Washington is being criticised for falling for the gamut that would last a period of eighteen years, to add to PJ Washington’s misery people feel he hardly deserves sympathy for being made to pay a huge monthly amount in child support.

In the entire drama, a thought is must to study the psychological impact that promises to follow. The trust endorsing personal brands would suffer, and people who idolise such celebrities will surely take their steps back. It also questions the validity of such legal agreement? The need to suspend the earlier judgment with reference to the video that is tweeting presently reflects a proactive Men’s rea, which is the criminal intent or evil mind as per Anglo-American law. Noteworthy is that any act gets defined as a criminal offense after decode the accompanying mental state. It is but mandatory for the criminal systems to possess an element of criminal intent for most crimes. Here it is cheating or duping along with imperilling an innocent soul for ransom.

It is also important to note that Renner made money from her career as an Instagram Model and secured a book deal that was originally out for sale in 2018 for a mere $19.99. Now available as “A liberating journey through the life and times of Brittany Renner”. In addition, Renner is owner of a swimwear brand where the pieces range between $29 to $59 dollars and above. That is all the public can access of her net worth details but now she has managed to secure a couple of million dollars annually for the next 18 years in child support. Brittany Renner is believed to have secretly filed for divorce two weeks after giving birth to a child, which is being called truly devious.

With all these details under the scanner, it is certainly going to be difficult for personal brands to later celebrate their celebrity status after such shameful indulgences that stand seriously questioned after the revelation of videos initially shot revealing a hideous and vicious intent of claiming money in the name of child support. The law authorities need to reconsider their decision with a retrospective view. It is undoubtedly bad precedence which would trigger off a vicious practice harmful for the social system with Family underlined.

Authors: Dr. Arun K. Shukla & Gaurav Gulati
Note – This article is an integrated opinion of both – the psychologist & the brand strategist.

Dr. Arun K. Shukla is a noted Behaviourist, Psychotherapist, Leadership Trainer & Psychological Researcher with two and half decades of experience. (Chief executive & Faculty Captain La Militaire Academy ) .

Gaurav Gulati is a personal brand and brand engagement strategist. Gulati is a pioneer of personal brand poll and globally recognized digital footprints and brand awareness expert. He has spearheaded brand positioning campaigns for hundreds of global personal brands.

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