Galaxy S22 ultra starts incoming on doorsteps

Galaxy S22 ultra starts incoming on doorsteps

According to many posts on Reddit (via Android Police), notices have gone out indicating that some customers who pre-ordered one in all the new Galaxy S22 series handsets may receive their new phones as early as tomorrow the 21st, or on the 22nd. Most of those who are notified that their new Samsung device is scheduled to arrive earlier than expected managed to induce their pre-orders indirectly following the Unpacked event on Feb 9th.

The customer in France already received his Galaxy S22 immoderate

Perhaps the luckiest person is this one gentleman who lives in France and uses the handle Scooffs on Reddit. He already received his Galaxy S22 ultra which he documented by taking photos of the box and therefore the device.

Not everyone seems to be happy concerning the means their order is being processed or not processed. Reddit user GoGetSomeSunlight said, “I canceled mine as a result of T-Mobile’s on-line activation discount is tousled, and was doubtless inflicting tons of problems.”

He else that he reordered, had no glitches, associated received an email saying, “we’ve received your order, and process your order and can give a calculable delivery date once your order is confirmed.” He writes that whereas some individuals have already received their phones, he does not recognize if they are obtaining his order.

Others reported delivery dates as late as March 28th and April first. And one Redditor with the handle of MayBe2MoRo, who ordered a Galaxy S22 with 256GB of storage, wrote that he was told that his new phone will not arrive till could 2nd!

The white Galaxy S22 ultra with 512GB of RAM can ship from Samsung as late as could 15th

Despite the news that some pre-orders are shipping early, Samsung told PCMag that the significant interest within the Galaxy S22 line can cause delays in shipping the handsets. And this goes for orders not solely placed with Samsung except for those created through U.S. wireless suppliers. The longest delay is for the white version of the 512GB Galaxy S22 extremist that isn’t expected to be delivered from Samsung till could fifteenth.

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!

That exact same model has been sold-out out at AT&T (via Samsung). If you need to, completely should have your Galaxy S22 extremist in white with 512GB of RAM, then Verizon (via Samsung) is your best bet with a shipping date of March 25th in line with PCMag. however, you will have to be the one to determine whether it’s worth it to change carriers (assuming that you are not a Verizon subscriber) simply to induce the phone you wish two weeks earlier.

If you’re a lot of inquisitive about the Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22+, Samsung lists a shipping date of March fourth for all color choices whether or not the carrier bolted to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, or unbarred.

In an official statement, the manufacturer said, “We’re grateful for the thrill and response to our new Galaxy S22 series. Interest in Galaxy S22 series is at an associate all-time high with the pre-order volume exceeding our expectations. We’re committed to obtaining these devices for our customers as early as attainable. However, some customers could expertise delays betting on the market, model, and color. we greatly appreciate the patience and understanding.”

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