Fried Aces started for the first time since the World Series

Fried Aces started for the first time since the World Series

Max Fried appeared at Hammond Stadium on Tuesday afternoon at home and in the middle of the season. Southampton started their first spring training in 2022 – now to start game 6, they used the rubber to help the Braves win the World Series.

Fried faced work in at least three innings, was not allowed to hit or run, and hit a batsman on 25 pitches (17 strikes) on the way to the 4-0 victory for the Braves. The lone Besner won the first place when he lost to the Twins Lead of Man Byron Buxton, followed by a 5-4-3 doubles game.

“I’ve only been trying to keep [the pace] going since last year,” Fried said after his start. “Just hit, keep the kids balanced and let the killers work.

“I think right now, it’s just a matter of seeing where your stuff plays out and the only way to find out if you challenge [the opponent] by throwing the ball on the plate. I just want to hit, challenge the hitters and if they hurt me I know I have to make some adjustments. But now is the time to do it. “

The 28-year-old, now entering his sixth major league season, served as the team’s MLB Players’ Association representative throughout the winter and said that despite the indefinite timeline a few weeks ago, it was good to play ball and face other ball clubs. Leading the regular season. He compared it to the situation experienced by the players in 2020, when competition was limited before the regular season. Freud also said that a late start to the camp was a way to stay fresh, as the Braves played more thoroughly than any other team that saved their World Series rivals the Astros last season.

“I think it definitely gave us some time to recover and recover,” Fried said. “But, I’m behaving the way I did in the 2020 season, where they hurried on us and we had to get ready.

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m glad to be back and spin the ball. “

Efficiency was the name of the game for Tuesday Fried, who worked fast and touched the fastball speed of 96 miles per hour. Due to his low pitch, he worked in a bullpen session after the outing.

“We wanted to get 45 pitches – just increase the capacity,” Fried said.

Speaking about Fred’s outing, Braves captain Brian Snyder said: “I think he’s fine. As good as you can really get. “

Freud is set to become the team’s opening day starter, a title he won last year and won. In 2021, Fried equalized for (two) National League lead in the shutouts and posted more than 28 3.04 ERA and a total of 165 2/3 innings started. He won both the Silver Sluger (.273 batting average) and Gold Glove Awards last year and ended the year at a brisk pace, being declared the NL Pitcher of the Month for September and ending the season with 12 consecutive quality starts.

When asked what’s next for Fried in terms of milestones, Snyder said the sky is the limit for the 6-foot-4 hurler.

“Maybe Sai Young won. Keep winning more than he loses, ”Snyder said. “Max is one of those kids who will never be satisfied. He is always looking at how to improve himself and get an edge. He is a very active and competitive man. “

Regarding Sneaker’s approach to his pitching staff with a short spring schedule, he said, “It’s tough. If they need to be separated in order to make an inning, we can throw them on the backfield, as they do to catch the batsmen in the position.

“At some point, someone will have to play a minor league game because our games are coming to an end. The ups and downs are the biggest thing. ”

Sneha Mali

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