FREE Streaming platforms like FMovies: 2021 UPDATES

FREE Streaming platforms like FMovies: 2021 UPDATES

This quarantine has certainly kindled the movie lover within everyone. Paid streaming platforms have attracted the attention of users. On the other hand, people who don’t prefer paid streaming platforms are in search of other alternatives. This is where Fmovies comes in handy. Fmovies is an online website where one can stream free movies. Since lockdown, the traffic has increased for Fmovies. In this article, we will be exploring other platforms that can act as an alternative for Fmovies and Fmovies. app

Fmovies and Fmovies app:

For those who are not aware of Fmovies, it is a website to watch free movies and series online and also allows its users to download the content too. It has millions of users. Fmovies is available in both websites and in-app form called Fmovies is restricted in several countries, including Australia, India, Denmark, and Sweden, but it can be accessed through VPN.

Fmovies and alternatives:

Some of the best Fmovies alternatives in 2021 are provided below as per their popularity:

  • Crackle
  • GoMovies
  • Tubi
  • Moviesjoy
  • 123Movies
  • MovieWatcher
  • SolarMovie

These are some of the common platforms. Let’s see them briefly.

Crackle: Popular among many movie watchers, a legit website with lots of movies and series. One best things about crackle is its accessibility and user-friendly experience. Crackle is offered by Sony Pictures and is completely secured. Crackle is available only in the USA. Like the, Crackle comes in the form of iOS and Android apps too.

GoMovies: Just like Fmovies, GoMovies is one of the most popular illegal streaming giants. It is used by people who would love to explore wide variety of genres. The website provides movies and series from Hollywood to Bollywood. When the viewer is confused about selecting a movie, the website helps out by randomly streaming a movie for the viewer. Interestingly, it also contains a request section where the people can drop in their requests to add the movies which are not available on their platform.

Tubi: Tubi is a free and legal HD movies streaming platform. But, Tubi contains minimum of 10+ minutes interval for commercials in-between streaming. Other than this, Tubi is a great platform for on-demand shows. Tubi is owned by Fox corporation.

Moviesjoy: Another pay-free website is Moviesjoy. You can watch countless numbers of movies without registering. Moviesjoy lets their user download the content. A unique factor about the site is Ads free streaming service. But the concerning factor is that it’s a pirated site.

123Movies:  123Movies was known to be the ‘most popular illegal site’ by the Motion Picture Association of America in 2018. 123Movies is another similar illegal streaming platform, which is well known among the audience for its extensive categories and genres of movies and series. The original website was shut down, and 123Movies are continuing to serve from other cloned websites.

MovieWatcher: MovieWatcher is an illegal streaming platform that caters to different movies and series. They update their website regularly so users can get to watch some of the blockbuster movies. Also, to improve the user’s experience, MovieWatcher provides summaries and ratings for the movies.

SolarMovie: SolarMovie has become the most visited streaming website in recent times. It is another illegal streaming platform that categorizes and provides brand new content in high resolution. A common drawbacks while accessing these free online streams are the errors and pop-up advertisements. Using a VPN service would exempt the user from the annoying ads.


These are some of the alternatives for the Fmovies and We have listed out some of the popular alternatives, but there are several legal and illegal websites that stream movies and series for the users. VPN is suggested for the users in case the websites are unavailable. The illegal streaming platforms are subjected to change their domain regularly, so a simple google search would lead the users to the latest domains of the forementioned streaming websites. Happy watching!

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