Florida Seems to be the First Place where the New Tesla Model 3 Performance Emerges Before Launch

Florida Seems to be the First Place where the New Tesla Model 3 Performance Emerges Before Launch

Prior to its later-this-year introduction, a new Tesla Model 3 Performance car has been sighted in Florida.

Model 3 Performance development was officially underway, as Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations, Martin Viecha, stated in January.

A carbon fiber dashboard, bucket seats, and maybe a ridiculous mode depending on badging have all been discovered in early vehicle builds after the confirmation.

With a significant increase in horsepower above previous models, documents indicate that Tesla intends to boost the upcoming Model 3’s performance specifications.

After being sighted several times in the past week, it looks like Tesla is testing the car in public once more.

The air intake ports on the redesigned front bumper identify it as a Model 3 performance option.

Previous images of the updated Model 3 Performance have shown these:

The Model 3 Performance is the subject of much conjecture, since Tesla has already made significant advancements to the Rear-Wheel-Drive and Long Range versions of the car.

When Teslarati got the chance to drive one last month, it featured a lot of intriguing new features and upgrades over previous models, including as reduced cabin noise, improved handling and suspension feel, and a more understated interior.

Based on documents discovered in February, the automobile is expected to be among the best in the company’s lineup; nevertheless, it appears that Tesla is searching for even more upgrades going forward.

However, it is anticipated that Tesla will ship the first Model 3 Performance units in the upcoming months, which should improve the car’s sales performance. Due to its storage capacity and adaptable crossover body shape, the Model Y has easily surpassed the Model 3 during the last few years.

Sanchita Patil

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