First Smart Glasses With GPT-4o In The World: Solos AirGo Vision

First Smart Glasses With GPT-4o In The World: Solos AirGo Vision

Solos, a smart eyewear manufacturer, has introduced the AirGo Vision. The latest major language model from OpenAI, GPT-4o, is integrated into these smart glasses earlier than anyone else.

Specifications for Solos AirGo Vision

The AirGo Vision has an integrated camera that enables users to take pictures of their surroundings and use GPT-4o’s capabilities to recognize items and provide information about them. Like the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses, this integration provides information access and hands-free world interaction.

Solos draws attention to how well-integrated the AirGo Vision is with other well-known AI models, such Claude from Anthropic and Gemini from Google. Potential features like voice-activated recipe requests, shopping trip summaries, and directions request are now more feasible thanks to this interoperability.

Built inside the frame of the AirGo Vision are LED notification lights. Both a notification light for new messages and a flash for using the integrated camera to take pictures are provided by these LEDs.

The detachable camera on the AirGo Vision is one of its distinctive features. Solos has chosen a design in which the camera is integrated into the arm, in contrast to conventional smart glasses that have the camera implanted within the frame. This design option gives consumers greater customization options and the option to have a more conventional appearance when needed. Additionally, users can choose to buy more frames. Through voice input, the glasses maintain their AI capabilities even in the absence of the camera.

The AirGo Vision will launch later this year, Solos said, though a precise date has not been disclosed. The camera-equipped spectacles’ price has not yet been made public. But starting next month, the business will sell three different types of standalone LED-only frames on their website for $249.99 apiece.

Sanchita Patil

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