First Look at a Possible Foldable and Rollable Samsung Smartphone

First Look at a Possible Foldable and Rollable  Samsung Smartphone

Samsung has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of smartphone screens. After all, it is more well-known than BOE and LG Display and one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of smartphone screens. Samsung is undoubtedly the company that popularized foldable smartphones, despite not being the first to demonstrate them. The business is probably preparing to unveil a smartphone that rolls.

That is, at least, what a recently discovered patent implies. Just two days ago, on February 13th, the patent was discovered. Diagrams of a potential Samsung foldable and rollable smartphone are shown in this patent. The diagrams lack the depth of accurate smartphone representations, though, because they are in the format of patent drawings.

The good news is that @xleaks7 and CalibreCleaning are working together to make the patent drawings a reality. Proper renders of the Samsung rollable smartphone, as detailed in the patent, have been developed by this collaboration. Because Samsung hasn’t made any official announcements other than filing for a patent on the phone, take note that they don’t show any real impending products. Rather, the representations are exclusively based on the patent’s images.

CalibreCleaning and @xleaks7 have successfully brought the patent for a rollable smartphone from Samsung to reality. The renderings demonstrate that the smartphone includes a second body, just like the Samsung patent does. It is attached by a hinge, and the render also has a support plate with a rollable display panel on it.

The secondary body, as you might have guessed, is what really sets this render apart from other foldable phones now on the market. Samsung will be able to deliver a significantly larger screen in a phone that fits neatly in the pocket thanks to this patented design, as the renders demonstrate.

Sanchita Patil

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