First Firmware Update for the Galaxy A55 Includes a New Security Patch

First Firmware Update for the Galaxy A55 Includes a New Security Patch

The initial firmware update for Samsung’s new Galaxy A55 is currently available. Samsung has already released the March update for the new mid-range hero phone; nevertheless, the phone comes with the February 2024 security patch.

The firmware version of the update, A556EXXS1AXC1, is being rolled out, at the very least, in India. It has a slightly less than 210MB weight. Furthermore, the update only includes the most recent March 2024 security patch, based on the firmware version.

“New and/or enhanced features” and “Further improvements to performance” are mentioned in the changelog, however this is just how Samsung’s generic copy-and-paste changelog appears. The general changelog might not accurately represent the latest release.

It will take some time before the Galaxy A55 gets any new and significant software features because it now comes with the most recent version of One UI available, One UI 6.1.

The mid-range A55 phone comes with One UI 6.1, which is the same upgrade that came with the Galaxy S24 series, although it lacks any useful Galaxy AI capabilities. Most likely, Samsung’s Advanced Intelligence suite was too much for its chipset to manage.

If you are the owner of a Galaxy A55, you can either wait for this update to arrive on your firmware page or attempt to manually download it by opening the Settings app, going to “Software update,” and selecting “Download and install.”

Sanchita Patil

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