Finding Social Labels that Define You – A Quest in Search for Validation

Finding Social Labels that Define You – A Quest in Search for Validation

Humans are social animals. They seek validation from others who can relate to them, perhaps, even understand what they are going through. In some weird way, validation does help people become better. One might question this theory, but not if one looks at a broader perspective. People who want to impress others would do anything to match their wavelength, which can be a good thing.

Matching those wavelengths prevent social labels from seeping through. Fifty years ago, social labels would’ve been an issue because everyone was moving along on the winding road. Back in the day, people didn’t think of labels as necessarily negative. Sometimes, they would help those stuck with these labels. The modernized landscape showcases a different perspective of how humans operate.

Social Stigmas – Deadly Thorns in a Beautiful World

The world has become a dark place. People on the front say that they accept different social stigmas around them, but deep down, they resent them. This forces people to remain in their shells and mold themselves into someone the world would accept. It’s like a clock has run backward in medieval times. Emma R. Herdegenshares a beautiful story about a mouse who has lost his way in her book, The Mouse Of No Name. The mouse, in looking to find ways to blend in, has slowly lost himself. This seemingly nameless mouse is battling for survival, much like humans.

The author shares her concerns that humans are walking the same dangerous road without an identity. She believes that human identity comes from uniqueness, and the differences separate good from the bad and the ordinary from exceptional. Further, this identity makes a person irreplaceable, but the irony is that it leads to isolation.

Together, we make the human race expand to almost 8 billion people. Institutions are inclined to maintain order by indoctrinating based on passports, ethnicities, and professional certifications. Still, that doesn’t mean that it’s one against the other. Emma Herdegen, in her book, shares that this contest between one group and the other creates bigotry and prejudice. The idea of freedom, when first conceived, was to not only accept people for who they are but also for people to accept themselves.

It’s a two-way street.  

Emma Herdegen’s book speaks to readers about modern issues and the societal pressure that suffocates people, snuffing out any life and air. Through her book, she wishes for people to become unapologetically human and not worry about the social labels stuck to their names. It can be hard to block the outside noise and maintain harmony inside.

Every soul is too unique to fit into a box of someone else’s imaginings.

The Act of Faith

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

What makes social stigma and labels catatonic is that they create self-doubts and diminish the motivation to forge ahead. At times, this duo of elements could cause beyond-damage repair. But one can always eliminate self-doubt with strong faith, which is aligned with humans’ existence. Whether you believe it or not, God is at the front and center of everything.

The path to redemption lies in asking for His help.

Emma Herdegen is a strong believer in God, and her faith has been her driving force. She shares that even when the world around her was falling apart, her faith helped her remain steady. It was as if she needed a guiding light, and she found it in her faith.

So, it’s being unique in your own shoes and forging ahead with faith in a higher power.

Social stigmas have become a part of this world, and one can maybe deal with them by hitting the “restart” button? Unfortunately, nobody has that option. The only way out is to embrace uniqueness as your ally and take one step at a time.

In today’s uncertain times, people are expected to be quick in their shoes. A slow learner is considered an outcast in every aspect of life, personal and professional. This is one of the reasons why most humans have failed in “Humanity 101.”

Emma Herdegen, through her book, wants her readers to retake this lesson and pass because life is too short to live by others’ rules. In return, she doesn’t want anything but for people to live a life without regrets. Do you seek validation? Make sure that you don’t lose yourself in the process.

Derek Robins

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