Fight for something, says the_typical_liberal Grant Godwin

“Life is what you make of it. Stand up for something. Fight for something. More importantly, fight for what is right. Don’t be on your death bed wishing you would’ve done something better with your life. Do it now,” says Grant Godwin, a right-wing influencer who how has 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

His page, @the_typical_liberal, features memes meant to inform and educate, some in a more humorous way.

With more than 2 million followers, the Instagram page and its informal but informational news has attracted many conservatives, including those running for office.

‘Typical liberal’ site a platform for conservative politicians

Godwin recently published an Instagram meme from 2022 Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck from Nashville, featuring a short video of a candlelight vigil protesting big government.

“This is happening all over the planet,” said Starbuck. “Why isn’t it on your TV screens? Remember the saying, ‘The revolution won’t be televised?’ This is what they meant. People want freedom, not mandates. People are tired of the government trying to control every single part of their lives.”

Starbuck has been endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rand Paul, among others, but not Donald Trump, to the consternation of many conservatives.

Godwin also posted a meme featuring a 60-second video from tattooed singer Post Malone, which in essence said, “The biggest lie in the U.S. government. It’s not what it used to be. It used to be about freedom.”

Threats don’t deter Godwin

Publishing conservative memes, most with controversial messaging, and being so vocal in his belief that liberal lies are destroying the entire nation along with its original laws of the land, has made Godwin a target himself, but he is unrelenting as he takes aim against the liberal left, and has developed a hard outer shell to shield himself while maintaining his personal truths.

One controversial meme from Turning Point USA made the rounds on social media platforms, and gave the right another insult to hurl at the liberal left.

Charles J. Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, said, “If you love America, you’re generally a conservative. If you hate America, you’re generally a liberal.”

Such sound bites can cause controversy, but no matter what verbal attack he may face, Godwin will continue to expose what he calls “liberal hypocrisy,” as well as “the truth the American people are entitled to.”

The right would likely win that war of words anyway, since the left was slow to recognize the value of memes as campaign tools, and is far behind using memes as effectively as their political foes.

Meanwhile, Grant Godwin will continue to maintain his role as the founder of one of the most successful political meme websites, improving more as his journey progresses.

For more information about Godwin (call him the_typical_liberal), visit his Instagram site by clicking here. He can also be found on Facebook.

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