Famous Youtuber Preeti Chaudhary all set to make a name in entertainment industry.

Famous Youtuber Preeti Chaudhary all set to make a name in entertainment industry.

Many aspiring actors dream to make it big in the entertainment industry, but it’s extremely difficult to set your foot in it as many talented individuals are trying their luck everyday in this cut throat competitive world of films, televison and modelling, and it’s a gargantuan task to get noticed amongst the crowd where hundreds of auditions take place every single minute and unless you’re well connected, getting the right break looks like a distant dream. However, many individuals have created their own success stories backed by sheer grit and determination and made their journey a success. One name which has made it solely on the basis of her talent is Preeti Choudhary, the next emerging star who is ready to sweep the audiences off their feet with her charming face and hard-hitting performances.

Since the very beginning, Preeti had made up her mind to make it big in the world of modelling and acting. Her only dream was to see herself on the silver screen and she was prepared to go through the grind and face the difficulties that would be a part of her journey. Her self-belief and confidence kept motivating her to chase her dreams, no matter what adversities she had to face on the way to reach her destination. Her passion eventually got her a break in the industry and gradually work started flowing in. She has worked with some of the biggest names in industry and has featured in various hit music videos.

Preeti has starred with veteran actor Punit Issar’s son, Siddhant Issar, in her debut film in Bollywood. The other film that she would appear-in is titled ‘Muktibodh’, which is slated to release early this year. She is all excited for her upcoming film, as one of her favourite singers, Javed Ali, has sung a track in the film, which she feels is going to hit the chart busters owing to its melodious tune. Her other projects include a short film titled ‘Zindagi’, which has found a huge fan following with over 47 million views already crossed on online platforms. Apart from appearing in films, Preeti has also been a part of various Punjabi music videos as the lead, some of which like Fikkiyan, Qurbat, Kalla Kalla Sucha-Yaar, Mascara, Nakhre, Romeo, and Girgit Vang have become huge hits, garnering maximum views on YouTube.

She can definitely be termed as the next big thing looking at her work and popularity. Stay tuned for more on her in coming times.

To know more, follow her on www.instagram.com/preetichoudhary_official.

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