Faisal Al Anbar – An Olympian is about to come

Faisal Al Anbar –  An Olympian is about to come

In such times, when the world seems to be on hold, we bring you a heartwarming tale of a person who broke out of his shackles and was brave enough to follow his dreams. In a gloomy period, it is but natural for one to look for stories of inspiration, seek encounters which ooze motivation, and pursue tales of hope. We bring to you here such a tale of hope. We are sure that you will like it –

Faisal Al Anbar born on 25 May 1995 in Saudi Arabia is an athlete currently training for the Olympics. Being a sportsmen takes just more than hard work. Crossing the finish line, scoring the goal, sticking the landing – sports can bring unforgettable moments to the lives of athletes. However, there is a lot of work required before reaching those exciting milestones. The zesty soul of Faisal has completed his Bachelor’s degree in LLB from the University of Westminster- in 2019 and is currently pursuing his masters in Law from Queen Mary’s University. Before stepping his foot in this unexplored arena he faced a lot of criticism. His peers often told him that he is not ‘strong enough’ or ‘fast enough’ to be an Olympic level Long Distance Athlete. His family and friends thought his fresh blood wouldn’t make it in just one year to be in the Olympics as it took several years to other athletes to even be eligible to participate. But he always welcomes criticism with open arms and never lets it affect him, thus he uses it to his benefit and works harder with full determination. He never believed in taking ‘baby steps’ and started out running for 50kms just to stay fit. Faisal Al Anbar’s dear friend who is also his physiotherapist was the one who saw caliber in him and made him believe that he has the potential to be an Olympic Level Long Distance Athlete. This gave him a boost he very much desired and is now working day and night. With such consistency, hard work, and determination he sure will be able to achieve all that he dreams of. Such stories inspire us. Hopes, dreams, and aspirations can come true if we are focussed enough.

Derek Robins

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