Facial modeling by Dr. Mohammad Pakdel

Facial modeling by Dr. Mohammad Pakdel

One of the most important advantages of facial modeling using hyaluronic acid gel is that this method is a painless method and by filling the desired areas of your face, this filler is injected into these areas.

Also, using this method for facial modeling does not require hospitalization, and after injecting this elephant, you can go home.

And this method is recommended as the safest method for facial modeling because if you are not satisfied with the result, you can drain the filler injected into your face.

The modeling method can also be used to shape the lips, and in this method, by injecting filler into the lips, a special protrusion is created on your lips.

One of the important goals of using Madeleine method is to angle the chin and jaw, which is done by injecting gel and fat into the desired area, and the result of modeling the chin and having a pink V jaw. Is the shape.

It is also recommended to use hyaluronic acid gel to perform chin madlink.

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