Eyes that are Dry? Why Using Screen Time Too Much Could Be the Cause

Eyes that are Dry? Why Using Screen Time Too Much Could Be the Cause

Syndrome of Dry Eyes (DES)

Dry eye syndrome (DES), which is brought on by allergies, irritation of the surroundings, and low-quality or insufficient tears, is characterized by dry, unpleasant, red, and itchy eyes. Rarely does it cause irreversible eyesight loss.

In the Tech-Driven World of Today

There has been a sharp rise in screen time. Maintaining lubrication in one’s eyes throughout the day requires blinking. There is a decrease in eye blinks, incomplete blinking, tear evaporation, and dry eye illness with excessive use of computers, cellphones, and other display devices with screens.

Get Dry Eyes

If you’re like most people and spend most of your time in front of a screen, you run the risk of developing dry eyes. Screens are crucial for people with evaporative dry eye illness, which is the most prevalent kind.

Screen of Digital Device

You might blink less frequently while staring at a screen, which lowers the amount of tears produced. Dry, itchy eyes may come from this. Your blink rate decreases by 66% when you stare at a digital device’s screen.

In Summary

Warm fomentation, frequent screen breaks, eye exercises, and topical medicine are some treatments for dry eye illness that can help manage it and possibly lessen the need for topical medication.

Sanchita Patil

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