Explore The Art Of Blogging With Cate Rosales

Explore The Art Of Blogging With Cate Rosales

During the chaos of writing going digital and AI taking over the old traditional ways, blogging is still unaffected. Content creation and blogging are some of the highest growing sectors amidst the pandemic. With the world turning digital, these sectors are showing spectacular growth and sustainability rate. 

More than 10 billion blog posts are published every year. And there are over 500 million blogs on the internet, i.e., one blog for every three people in the world. 

With such massive numbers, blogging and content creation are conspicuous for aspiring writers and new bloggers. With some more facts, Quora Active reveals the naked truth that 3 out of 4 of all the websites on the internet are either blogs or have a blog. 

Cate Rosales, an entrepreneur, and a full-time content creator enlightened thousands of students about the best ways to initiate their blogging journey. Cate confutes the orthodox and myths about blog writing. With numerous courses and e-books, Cate is perpetually helping writers grow. 

She talks about the various strategic ways by which you can initiate your blogging journey and reach the pinnacle of your journey in her free course – “How to Start a Money-Making Blog”

In this pandemic phase, while futurologists observed an exponential downfall in all the major as well as minor sectors, the writing sector was blooming. The reason behind this unexpected sustainability was found to be digital marketing. Writing plays a crucial role in digital marketing. And since we all know that marketing and advertising sectors thrived during this pandemic, so did the blogging and content creation. 

Talking about her website – SweetandSimpleLife.com, Cate refers to the problems aspiring content creators face while starting and sustaining their businesses. “I’ve been a blogger for more than a decade now. Sustaining your business in the field of content creation was never an easy task. My goal is to help people simplify the process of blogging and find joy in the journey!”

E-books by Cate Rosales including Affiliate Marketing Simplified and Becoming a Blogger are helping aspiring content creators to grow rapidly worldwide.

Strictly following the principle – “Offering something of value in exchange for money” can help you monetize your blog quickly. Over the past years, there’s been a 93% increase in blogs using promotional techniques to drive traffic to their post. Some of them include paid ads as well. Therefore, content creation can be boosted up with the help of marketing and management. Always remember – “The best time to act on this was decades ago. The second-best time is now.” ~David Brin

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