Experience a Unique Opportunity with the Lazy Bunny NFT Project

Experience a Unique Opportunity with the Lazy Bunny NFT Project

The rise of digital assets is epic, with the immense benefits unspoken. They strengthen the security in the digital space as they allow people to grow their finances. Lazy Bunny, using the cryptocurrency principle, uses Ethereum for trade, allowing people to get time value for their money. 

The power in this Lazy Bunnies NFT is that the smart contract type is ERC-721, and the bunnies NFT are unique hand-drawn traits. Every Lazy Bunny is distinct. To clarify, what NFT means is non-fungible tokens. When you purchase a unique digital asset, you can sell at a future date for higher profits.

You all know bunnies to be baby rabbits. Lazy Bunny NFT is now the digitized art of a bunny. The concept behind the trade is a story of 5555 Lazy Bunnies that were living peacefully in their homes. A group of teenagers accidentally started a fire that burned 90% of the forest. The Bunnies moved towards cities in the hope of finding accommodating owners and a new home. The question arises whether you are empathetic enough to own a lazy bunny.

The team at Lazy Bunny NFT  boast of their outstanding and supportive Discord family. They mainly operate using their community there, whom they offer incredible benefits. Some of the benefits include getting 50% of secondary sales in the community wallet as the community gets the privilege of deciding what to do with it. 

In an upcoming Lazy Bunny NFT project, the total number of Lazy Bunnies is 5555. The price for each is 0.055. There will be a pre-sale targeting to sell 10% of the amount, 555. The pre-sale amount will be 0.045 ETH. 

You need first to buy some Ethereum that you can acquire through a FIAT on-ramp service like Paypal or Coinbase. You can then transfer your Ethereum to your MetaMask wallet and buy your first NFT. The brand will showcase Lazy Bunnies after public minting, and holders can check their rarities on Discord or Opensea properties of their Lazy Bunny.

 Throughout their roadmap, there are surprise giveaways to the community and holders of Lazy Bunnies that are not even listed. There will be plenty of Ethereum giveaways for holders to top up community wallets with 10 ETH. The holders, additionally, get to be part of the forthcoming projects by just holding on to the Lazy Bunny NFT. 

The admins will issue giveaways, and additional benefits to holders after every target is reached. The first one will be after the pre-sale, after a 25% sale, 50%, 75%, and ultimately when the project is complete. Upon completion, holders have chances of winning weekly $1,000 for one year, and they will have a separate Discord channel, as they also receive 1 NFT each for the next project. 

The dates for the start of this project are yet to be announced, but you can check out more details on the project on their website. It is an exclusive sale that has got the attention of prominent rappers and influencers on board. You should also not lag.

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