Exit 5B: A Rising Artist Redefining Being A Rapper

Exit 5B: A Rising Artist Redefining Being A Rapper

Across the world, people have differences in opinions regarding the simplest of matters. What can be easily worked upon is made unnecessarily complicated, thanks to the complex human mind and nature. But there exists a factor that connects each individual with the other irrespective of their differences. This tool that simplifies mostly everything is music.

Music is a language on its own. It calms our minds and acts as a breath of fresh air every time we listen to it. Music is also not restricted to one particular form, instead there are multiple genres and different types of music widely accepted and loved by people around the world. As each person is unique and has a unique perspective, similarly each piece of music, that is a combination of notes, words and emotions, is different from another. This similarity might be the reason behind the unifying effect of music.

A genre of music that is enjoyed mostly by the youth is rap. However, rap artists do not get exposure as easily as the performers of other genres. They need to struggle a long way before actually receiving fame. Martel Conya Porter, known popularly as Rich Porter or by his stage name Exit 5B is an American rapper who has fought his way to success. Born on January 16, 1989 in Louisville, KY, Exit 5B began writing raps and freestyle at the tender age of 13 when he was a school student.

At the beginning of his production journey in 2012, he started off by using a pen and a paper. This helped the 21-year-old Rich Porter participate in rap battles with Dope16, thus earning acclaim as a professional rapper. Porter released his first CD, The H in 2016 with DJ MLK. This album attracted quite a few listeners and was a big hit. But his four song EP, The H Volume Two released in 2017 went on to be another crowd favourite album.

Words, instruments and melody are not the only factors required for making a song that touches hearts. Emotions play a huge role in making a song popular. Rich Porter narrates stories through his pieces. These are heard and felt deeply by his audience. In the album The H Volume 2, the production was quite heavy but Porter made sure that the vocals could be clearly understood. Afterall, rap is about telling others a story in the most interesting manner such that people are always hooked to it!

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