Exemplary vision to transform the fitness levels has made Vaughn Cohen from Marbella, a renowned fitness expert, globally.

Exemplary vision to transform the fitness levels has made Vaughn Cohen from Marbella, a renowned fitness expert, globally.

Vaughn Cohen’s insistence on working out smartly rather than heavily helped change the fitness quotient across Europe.

The fitness and training industry is one of the fastest-growing industries as more and more people get aware of the positive aspects of it. Many fitness experts have emerged in the industry with their astute knowledge and training practices. The fitness industry has given some of the most passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs who are determined to transform the fitness regime of the people at large. One of the names that reached the top of the industry with his passion, grit, and hard work, to not only facilitate physical fitness but also work keenly on increasing the mental fitness of his clients, is a dynamic entrepreneur, Vaughn Cohen.

Cohen hails from the city of Marbella and has been an avid lover of the fitness world. Right from the beginning of his childhood, he was fascinated by the power of working out. He also found the passion to stay physically fit, workout daily, and increase his mental fitness. Cohen also began working on weights and scaled his resistance capacity. But with these rigorous workouts came sore elbows and bandaged knees, and a spike in other injuries. As a youngster, Cohen didn’t take it seriously, but now as an experienced fitness expert, he believes that measured-exercising is necessary, as over-doing it provides catastrophic results.

Cohen studied hard about the training world and used to train 3 times a day, including cross-fit, functional, and weight training. But the injuries continued to pile up and Cohen needed a fresh outlook of his training methods. Hence, he started training under renowned coach Elliot Upton at Nick Mitchell’s gyms in Marbella. This transformed Cohen’s views on training altogether. Elliot coached him more sensibly and taught him to train more intelligently, which focused more on a smart workout rather than a heavy workout. He devised techniques and plans to work out smartly and this gave Cohen a fresh change in his regime, which yielded fantastic results.

Taking the leaf out of the same book, Cohen whilst coaching, focused on the form, tension, muscle work, and structural balance. Cohen also increased efforts to encourage smart workouts and mental fitness. He carried out sessions and seminars on the importance of both physical and mental fitness, and in turn, transformed the lives of many people across Europe. Vaughn Cohen’s vision to enhance the physical and mental fitness of his clients have today made him a globally-recognized fitness training coach.

Derek Robins

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