Everything you need to Know about Problems of IP Address

Everything you need to Know about Problems of IP Address

Well, is an IP address commonly seen in business computer networks than in-home networks. However, a question arises in your mind that a router IP address looks like Now, is used for home devices, and it works as usual.

So, next time if you find that a device has an IP address like 10.0.0.x, don’t get worried; it’s pretty normal. Big and reputed Brands like routers and Infinity routers supplied by Comcast usually have as the default IP address.

Now, in this article, we’ll discuss the Here are the bunch of things which they offer:-

  • Problems with IP address
  • Default Username and Password of

So, without wasting, let’s get started. 

Default Password and Username of

Whenever you buy a router and connect it with the network and a device to access the internet, you get the preset or default password and username combination to access.

Here are the best examples of username and password which brands like Cisco usually use:-

  • admin/password
  • [none]/public
  • [none]/[none]
  • Cisco/Cisco
  • admin/admin
  • cusadmin/highspeed

Now, in case any of the default password for the router, then you can quickly reset the router back to factory defaults. Once done, you can log in to the router with the information you entered.

Problems that come in

Now, you have a brief for is all about and what are the default username and password of this particular IP address. Its time to see what problems users encounter when using

i) Can’t Connect to

One of the most common errors that come in IP address is not able to connect to the router. Well, there are plenty of reasons behind this particular error, and one of the common is any of the devices on the network doesn’t use that IP address.

So, one cannot be able to connect the device to the IP address outside of the network. Therefore, you can ping or log in to a device unless it resides to the local network.


So, this one is not that challenging to pass as this type of error comes when the device currently assigned or have access to stop working all of sudden. Now, this is again due to some technical glitches in the device or the network.

iii) Incorrect Device Address Assignment

This error comes because a person has mistyped the address, or entering the address in the wrong place and thus getting the device not being available on

The Conclusion

So, this is all about the 192168l254 admin login IP address. Moreover, accessing the router IP address is as easy as using its URL. Now, if you have any queries regarding, you can enlighten them in the comment section.

Do you ever use IP address?

Share your experience if you have ever used this IP to connect to the internet. Tell us what problems you have encountered while accessing

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