EU Siding With UAE Disregarding Human Rights Defender Ahmad Mansoor

EU Siding With UAE Disregarding Human Rights Defender Ahmad Mansoor

In September 2021, the European Parliament adopted a second urgency resolution to discuss the case of the human rights defender Mansoor. The EU government released a text before the World Expo in Dubai opened its doors. EU doesn’t seem to be concerned about the UAE’s injustice towards Ahmad. They seem to be unbothered about it and even announced that the UAE’s Interior Minister al-Raisi would be given the charge to become the UAE’s official candidate for the Interpol presidency. There were no reports released by EU officials that had any criticism of the UAE regarding the Ahmad Mansoor case.

Text Submitted By EPP Regarding The Ahmad Mansoor Case In Favor Of UAE

The text submitted by the EPP indicated signs of lobbying by the UAE. This text was submitted by the EPP and it was just a page long. It was barely critical of the UAE and its authorities’ treatment of Mansoor. The text listed all the charges that he was arrested for. It focused on how the human rights defender spread negativity and hatred among people.

This report also did not clarify that all these behaviors took place on social media. It also did not mention that these actions were in the light of advocacy for human rights. Mansoor did not commit a crime outside of social media and this fact should have been considered by the UAE court. However, the hostile treatment of the UAE towards the human rights defender doesn’t seem to be criticized by any parties or organizations around the world.

The text confirms that the UAE Federal Court had sentenced Mansoor to ten years in prison, but it doesn’t talk about the judicial proceedings. The EPP continues to celebrate the EU’s relationship with the UAE and their Cooperation Agreement and highlighted the mutual political and regional interests. The text just asks UAE to reconsider the case of Ahmad Mansoor.

ECR Group Report Focused On The Importance Of UAE-EU Corporation 

ECR group released a text on the same issue and went a step further than other parties and groups. The text revealed that the court did not make the documents public and also recognized that Mansoor had been held in isolation and was deprived of necessities and rights. ECR also ensured that UAE should protect human rights and allow people to have freedom of speech both online and offline.

Once again the text changed its subject and focused on the importance of the EU-UAE corporation in to fight against terrorism. The tone of the text was also mild and did not throw a bad light on UAE regarding the Ahmad Mansoor case. ECR group has teamed up with the UAE for several years. The organization has been in strong support of the UAE for many years.

They have also been receiving funds from various sources that have a direct link to the UAE. The fund transfers and record details have not been revealed by the ECR Group and it indicates that something shady is going on behind the curtains.

ID Group Text Is The Most UAE Pro

The text released by the ID Group was the most pro-UAE. It focused on how the UAE has been making efforts to prevent terrorism. It also reminds the parliament about the UAE’s year of tolerance.

The report did not have much text regarding the Ahmed Mansoor case. It just stated that he was found guilty and this is why charges were pressed against him. The report emphasized on UAE being a reliable partner of the EU.

It also stated that UAE has been supporting the EU in the fight against jihadism. Another text written by Thierry Mariani and Jérôme Rivière, was released that pointed towards intense lobbying. Rassemblement National, and Susanna Ceccardi, from the Italian Lega Nord also showed great support for the UAE despite the horrible case against UAE involving Ahmad Mansoor.

The UAE lobbying efforts are apparent but no one wants to talk about them. They have received strong support from the EU and USA officials in exchange for lobbying and money transfers. The intense lobbying doesn’t seem to end anytime soon as UAE continues to deliver secret funds to the officials through various channels.

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