Esmeralda Baez, A Media Expert you should absolutely check out

Esmeralda Baez, A Media Expert you should absolutely check out

About Her:

Esmeralda was born in Dominican Republic but migrated to the United States with her brothers at the age of 13. Esmeralda’s  journey across the United States began in New york where she attended Washington Irving high School, followed by BMCC.

After completing her associate’s degree in Human resources, Esmeralda worked in hospitality for five years as an Events Coordinator. Later on, she worked as a stylist for fashion brands & beauty pageants.

About her work:

Over the years, Esmeralda’s PR work has called for the use of various skills and abilities. She is well-versed in the arts of social media marketing, media relations, brand development, handling press releases, blogging, and a wealth of others. Esmeralda also helps build her client’s visibility by using her business platform to distribute their content in a favorable and positive light. Esmeralda’s talent, knowledge & experience alongside her dedication will help anyones project reach its maximum potential.

About her agency:

Esmeralda’s Agency, Elite Vision Media is a PR firm mixing marketing and brand management. Based in New York, the agency works primarily with clients in the entertainment, lifestyle and music fields. The company is staffed by less than ten employees and is privately held.

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