ENGELSINN’s Inspirational Journey to Becoming a Global Brand Shortly After Its Launch

ENGELSINN’s Inspirational Journey to Becoming a Global Brand Shortly After Its Launch

Things fall apart to let us know what truly matters. These words appear printed in neat typeface within the Instagram feed of jewelry brand ENGELSINN. While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many things to fall apart, it has also thrown light on those things that give us hope and comfort in these unprecedented times. One bright light within the darkness of quarantine and isolation has been the ability to give yourself and to those you care, something beautiful and unique by gifting jewelry purchased online. ENGELSINN has an impressive selection of jewelry, each piece distinctive and perfect to gift yourself or to someone you love.

ENGELSINN is a German jewelry brand based in Nuremberg that was founded in April 2019 at the height of the pandemic. Regardless of the limitations of worldwide lockdowns and restrictions, ENGELSINN developed a simple idea; unique jewelry pieces at affordable prices, purchasable online with worldwide shipping. Since its creation only months ago, ENGELSINN has established itself as a household name and provided the gift of beauty during this tumultuous time. ENGELISNN’s most striking achievement in reaching so many people all over the world seems to have been accomplished through their online presence. ENGELSINN’s Instagram is an exquisitely curated haven of images that displays not just their jewelry but also a serene, dreamy mood. Pictures of unique jewelry pieces including delicate necklaces and statement bracelets are punctuated by shots of angel wings and dried flower bouquets.

ENGELSINN began as a start-up brand conceptualized by a close-knit team. What started as a small endeavor has now grown into a worldwide success story with customers across the globe. Surprisingly despite its rapid growth in popularity and demand, ENGELSINN is still run by a close team of just twenty people. It is clear that the team spirit and shared dream of beautiful jewelry at affordable prices, has created a jewelry brand that is both surprisingly exclusive and accessible.

ENGELSINN jewelry is giving people around the world the gift of elegance. Somehow among the thorny landscape of a dangerous pandemic, ENGELSINN has bloomed and created beauty where there wasn’t before.

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