Empowering Change: The Basics Woman at IIT Bombay’s Abhyuday

Empowering Change: The Basics Woman at IIT Bombay’s Abhyuday

At the Abhyuday social fest of IIT Bombay, Suchita A Mukerji, the visionary behind The Basics Woman, illuminated the importance of menstrual health, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to advancing women’s wellness. Her talk, “Periods, PCOS, and a Cup of Wisdom,” focused on crucial menstrual wellness topics, actively contributing to the conversation on reproductive health.

Mukerji’s exploration of menstruation huts as a tradition sparked varied reactions. She adeptly addressed this divisive subject, urging for a balance between cultural respect and modern health standards. This dialogue, attracting over 2.2 million views on @thebasics.woman’s Instagram account, highlighted the nuanced debate over integrating traditional practices with contemporary views on women’s health.

In reflecting on the community’s feedback, one comment that came in the limelight was: “To all the people saying what the real reason behind the menstruation hut is, just stop… In today’s times, it is unhealthy, unfair, and unhygienic… It’s a problem, not a solution.” This direct critique underscores the need for practices that honour women’s health and dignity today.

Another comment provided a contrasting historical perspective: “As per ancient texts, these spaces were created for menstruating women to rest, protected from work and potential dangers… It’s all scientific.” This defence highlights a potential gap in understanding the original intent behind such practices and their place in modern society.

Additionally, Mukerji spotlighted the dire circumstances in Maharashtra’s Beed district, where women face economic coercion into health-compromising decisions, stressing the essential role of advocacy and education in menstrual health.

Participating in IIT Bombay’s Abhyuday fest, The Basics Woman goes beyond product creation to spearhead crucial conversations and dismantle taboos around menstruation. Mukerji’s presentation to the students and wider community underscores the brand’s significant role in fostering informed, inclusive, and respectful discussions on menstrual health, driving forward a movement for women’s wellness and dignity.

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