Emily Austin- The Talented Model and American Television Host

Emily Austin- The Talented Model and American Television Host

Rather than following her favorite TV shows or movies on Netflix during the coronavirus pandemic, Hewlett Harbor resident Emily Austin is looking to the future in sports journalism.

Austin, 19, is a sophomore journalism student at Hofstra University and has also modeled and featured in magazines and posters in Times Square for Kla $$ Kulture, a clothing line created by Michelle Borochovich, a Five Towns resident. In her spare time, she decided to start her career as a sports journalist with professional athletes to interview them for her video blog Daily Vibes with Emily Austin.

“I decided I wanted to focus on sports journalism because I was a former athlete,” Austin says. “I reached out to everyone because I thought they were all at home and had some free time. Fortunately, I listened to their opinion, and it led to something different. “

Austin says the shift to virtual college education during the pandemic has allowed for more flexibility in interviewing. “The classroom has changed now because it has less hands-on practice, but the advantage is that I can focus on my career while I’m still in college,” he said. “I tried to make the most of this extra time.”

Most of the athletes Austin interviewed include current and former NBA players such as Carlos Boozer, Enes Kanter, Ben McLemore and Mitchell Robinson. “I love talking to athletes about things off the pitch,” he said. “Carlos Boozer was very kind and helpful. He told the story of how Prince rented his house in Los Angeles and painted the whole house purple. “

Jade Mimun is Austin’s manager since they’ve known each other for about seven years. Mimun notes that Austin’s charisma gives him a lot of potential for the future. Mimun said, “Being able to interview professional athletes her age is not easy, but Emily finds it very easy because she is easy to talk to and is a professional in her career,” said Mimun. “She was in touch with the best and they always answered him. I think her charisma and ambition attracts people. “

Mimun notes that Austin has been ambitious ever since they met. “When I met her, my first thought was that she was older than me in acting,” added Mimun. “She is very funny and wise for her age. She’s an incredible person. ” Mimun is two years older than Austin.

NBA agent David Mariotti, whose clients include Charlotte Hornets Terry Rosier and Derrick Jones Jr. of the Portland Trail Blazers, quickly fell in love with Austin, he said, due to his sociability the year he met her.

“The area she covered at such a young age is impressive,” says Mariotti. “I used to be a sports journalist and I know how difficult it is to get into this area. She has a bright future and will influence whatever path she chooses. “

Looking ahead, Austin plans to interview more athletes and hopes that this will continue for many years to come. “I want people to be able to turn on ESPN or any sports channel and see me cover a sports team, preferably in the NBA,” she said.

In the end, Emily Austin, her popularity and influence became a shining example of the real possibilities for expanding outreach. Austin has developed a supportive and engaging social media presence across multiple platforms, allowing her to gain credibility in the industry and bring her to theaters with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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