Eight West African businesses participate in the launch of the inaugural Clean Cooking Alliance Venture Accelerator

Eight West African businesses participate in the launch of the inaugural Clean Cooking Alliance Venture Accelerator

With the aid of CCA’s Venture Accelerator program, early-stage clean cooking businesses can increase their scale and ability to draw carbon funding.

The first cohort of the Clean Cooking Alliance’s (CCA) Venture Accelerator program is concentrated on carbon finance in West Africa. The program’s goal is to assist and grow early-stage clean cooking companies with backing from APA Corporation.

Clean cooking just gets around 1% of the assessed $10 billion every year expected to accomplish widespread access by 2030. The area needs a lot more noteworthy mixture of money to fundamentally extend, and all the more perfect cooking organizations should get speculations that explicitly target environment and energy access.

CCA aims to increase capital inflow into the clean cooking industry by creating a pipeline of appealing clean cooking entrepreneurs. In order to help small and medium-sized clean cooking companies increase their capacity and readiness to draw in carbon finance, CCA’s Venture Accelerator program offers them access to investment opportunities, specialized technical assistance, and business development support. More generally, the Venture Accelerator is bolstering ecosystem initiatives to increase Africa’s involvement in carbon markets at the same time.

CCA intends to fortify the spotless cooking area by catalizing monetary responsibilities of somewhere around $100 million by 2026 and $500 million by 2030, bringing down the boundaries that perfect cooking organizations face while entering carbon advertises and speeding up people groups’ and nations’ changes to cleaner cooking arrangements. The Endeavor Gas pedal program is one drive to assist the area with arriving at these objectives.

The program started off with an in-person bootcamp in Accra, Ghana from November 13-17, highlighting organized meetings by CCA’s program accomplices: Innohub and Mirepa Capital (execution accomplices), Hamerkop (specialized accomplice), and An incentive for Ladies. The bootcamp finished with a systems administration occasion for clean cooking and carbon market players in Ghana, including delegates from the Ghana Carbon Markets Office and the Service of Energy.

“Participating in the Venture Accelerator program will enable us to build critical relationships that can be leveraged in the future as we expand our network through the circle of professionals the program will provide,” said Kamal-Deen Kassim, CEO of Hinata Energy.

“Vitalite has high expectations from the Accelerator and is looking forward to scaling up in clean cooking to make it accessible and affordable to all,” said Frederique Sheridan, CEO of Vitalite.

The main companion involved eight West African ventures from Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Senegal trying to draw in carbon finance as a wellspring of development capital. The organizations include:

Easy Solar (Sierra Leone): Easy Solar’s oriented’s vision is to make energy, monetary administrations, and life-further developing items reasonable and open for all. Established in 2016, the organization centers around under-banked, disconnected, and difficult to-arrive at West African customers for whom admittance to credit and quality merchandise remains very restricted, keeping them from putting resources into items that can assist them with working on their everyday environments and produce extra pay.

Hinata Energy (Nigeria): Hinata is a sustainable power venture with a center business in the retail of reasonable and safe biofuel and biofuel-fueled cookstoves. Hinata targets networks that depend on contaminating energizes for cooking, consequently lessening dangers to wellbeing and the climate.

Jacgk Trust (Ghana): Jacgk Trust invests wholeheartedly in lessening fossil fuel byproducts through the creation of superior grade, safe, and clean cookstoves and stretching out admittance to clean cooking to different networks in Ghana.


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