Over the ages, thanks to women liberation movements and the access to education that the members of the female gender have had, one of man’s basic needs – clothing have been revolutionized to such an extent that women can express themselves freely by the way they dress. Clothing for them has become eco-friendly and progressive. Especially brands like scotch and soda have made it a reality today where a woman can elegantly flaunt her liberty, sense of style, and concern for the environment.

Importance of attire

Attire forms an integral part of one’s personality. Since the Stone Age has evolved into a sophisticated individual making a statement and reflecting the degree of his education, culture, nature of occupation and of course, his economic status through his attire. Thus a dress and the way one carries it is a complete reflection of one’s personality. Over time various designer houses and fashion stylists have helped people to express their personalities through the dressing. It is here that various brands have carved a niche for themselves. These brands allow people to express their individualism and the spirit of freedom through the emphasis laid on detailing and styling.

The climate of a place dictates the detailing and designing of a dress. The texture, material, style and the specks of embellishments thrown in have to be in sync with the environment, occasion, and the purpose of the dress to be worn. The designers and the stylists have to be mindful of these factors and detail their costumes accordingly. They have also to take into consideration the overall appearance of their clients in terms of their colour tone, height, body shape etc. the success of every designer and stylist depends on how he brings out the best in the person who wears his clothes and the way he carries himself, the attitude he wears and also ultimately the inner feeling of comfort and ease.

Evolution and freedom of dressing

It is a boon for this generation that they can very well dress according to their comfort levels. But in theVictorian era, the ladies in the upper class had to follow strict rules regarding their attire. Layers and layers of clothing went into tailoring their dresses, and the poor women had to bear the torture of tight-fitting and heavy apparel that forcefully were meant to reflect prudishness. The heavy gowns and dresses were so designed that women were always aware of being humble and subservient to their male counterparts. Their apparel also had to take the role of making them look ultra-feminine, however uncomfortable and tortuous they might feel. It should also be mentioned here that there was a prominent divide between the bourgeoisie and proletariat.

The dress code made it very obvious that the lower class should always stick to their pitiable living conditions. It also markedly defined the luxurious and indulgent ways of the upper class-bourgeoisie. Coming back to the modern era thanks to the various freedom movements, which paved the way to individualism in how a person dresses no matter what economic strata they belong to. This liberation has also positively affected the marked divide between the genders. Apparels and accessories are becoming more and more unisex. This evolution in the history of clothing has been made possible only by the various designer houses and brands (scotch and soda, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.) across the globe.

Bhagyashri Thite

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