Dr. Trevor Thomas Is Taking Dentistry To The Next Level

Dr. Trevor Thomas Is Taking Dentistry To The Next Level

In Corona, CA, through his job, a young dentist is changing lives. Dr. Trevor J. Thomas, based in Corona Hills Modern Dentistry, has shown early success and work ethics that have opened his office seven days a week.

Dr. Thomas provides accessible life-changing dentistry for all walks of life and is adamant about providing each and every client with accessibility and training. He also continues his groundbreaking work outside the office: he frequently lectures at dental schools across the country, offering mentorship to rising industry students as well as shadowing opportunities for those interested in a life-long dental career. He also created a brotherhood of minorities united in healthcare.

More details about Dr. Trevor Thomas can be found here. When you balance local ethos and career aspirations, you can be confident that Dr. Thomas can continue to be an influential leader in the healthcare world as a whole.

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