Don’t let your weakness come in the way of your success, said LIM SOKREAKSA: a successful entrepreneur

Don’t let your weakness come in the way of your success, said LIM SOKREAKSA: a successful entrepreneur

Today we will tell you about one such success story whose life story inspires us all. We are talking about LIM SOKREAKSA. Lim was born on 02 January 2001 in Koh Tasui Bee, Prek Prosop District, Kratie Province. Lim attended Bak Touk High School and has been designated as the first public school to reopen for the 9th and 12th grades by the Ministry of Education. Lim’s father’s name is Say Touch and his mother is Mao Sopha, Lim has 7 siblings and Lim is the youngest of them all. Lim’s family is very poor, Lim’s parents raised their seven children with great difficulties, and they made their children capable enough to support their family. Lim excels in every work among his siblings, Lim is better in studies and at the same time, he is very expert in sports. Lim was always praised in school, so Lim’s parents thought that Lim would end the poverty in their home and make their life better. But Lim had to do something else, Lim was never interested in a 9 to 9 job, Lim wanted to do something different, something that would make Lim grow himself as well as give employment to people.

After a lot of struggles, Lim opened his own advertising company, which he named after himself, LIM SOKREAKSA. His family members were very angry with his decision of Lim, but Lim did not lose his courage and put his life into running this advertising company. Lim always says that “My career path is chosen based on what I love. I do not have a specific career goal, but I know that I care about digital marketing agencies and that I like freedom, that’s why I chose a career and a digital marketing agency. I always wanted to spend my life doing something that makes me happy.” And Lim stuck to his point and fulfilled his dream.

Today Lim’s company employs more than 700 employees and they are all experts in their work Lim has so far helped 400 small businesses reach their goals and not only this, Lim has worked with large companies. and has extended the name of his company. Due to this company of Lim, many youths have got employment, and they are living with pride.

Lim never let the condition of his house become an obstacle in his way and kept moving forward with courage. Those who were disappointed with their decision of Lim, today praise Lim. Lim has given a better life to his family members. Lim’s story is an inspiration to all of us.

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