Donations To Purchase A House For Our Homeless Men, Who Are Former Foster Youth

Donations To Purchase A House For Our Homeless Men, Who Are Former Foster Youth

[California, 6th May 2020]WE LIFT LA is a non-profit organization that is making a difference for transitional aged foster youth who are often neglected by the system. Our vision is to improve the lives of transitional aged youth and young adults out of the foster care system by providing housing, consistent support, life skills services, counseling, and workshops to make the shift from foster care to independence less demanding and fruitful. We collaborate with companies, community partners, and individuals to bring resources to these youth.

Today, there are about 1.7 million homeless youth in America without a safe place to sleep; about 15 percent of which are unaccompanied young adults or children. Each year in California, over 4,000 18-21-year-old youth will “age out” of the foster care system. Over 1,400 in Los Angeles County. WE LIFT LA is on a mission to help fix this.

The hallmarks of our programs are personal development, educational support, and life-skills guidance. These programs target the areas essential to changing a child’s direction from poverty, crime, and government assistance so that they can better become independent, contributing members of our community.

Imagine it is your 18th or 21st birthday. You have been told that you must move out of your home.  You do not own anything, except your clothes. You do not have a mom or dad, a bank account, a driver’s license, food, or a plan for the days to come.  You are now homeless.  This is not an exercise in imagination.  This is the beginning of life after foster care. “At our core, we understand that young people exiting foster care are often challenged when it comes to securing an income that helps them meet their basic needs for housing, food, clothing, and medical care. This is why we help them with therapy, one to one personal supportive guidance and access opportunities to secure and maintain income,” said Joyce Harmon, founder of WE LIFT LA.

To kick things off, WE LIFT LA is hosting a donation drive to raise funds for A CAPITAL CAMPAIGN  to purchase a house for homeless young men. We already have our house for young women. When you decide to give directly, your contribution causes a ripple effect. Each additional dollar raised directly impacts several areas in need.

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