Dog owners have warned of a highly contagious virus in South Florida

Dog owners have warned of a highly contagious virus in South Florida

MIAMI (CBSMIAMI) – Miami-Dead Animal Services is urging dog owners to keep an eye on their pets in public as a new highly contagious disease is spreading in South Florida.

It is called Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC).

“Canine infectious respiratory disease complex is similar to canine flu or canine cold. These are many viruses that affect the respiratory tract and cause respiratory symptoms. Sneezing, coughing and hacking, ”said Dr. Maria Serrano, veterinarian at Veterinary Services.

Animal Services reports that a number of CIRDC cases have been reported throughout South Florida. They help dog owners protect their pets by keeping them on regular vaccinations and away from places where there are many dogs.

“Stay away from places where there are dogs. So dog parks, groomers, where a lot of dogs are together. Also, avoid nose-to-nose contact between dogs, “said Serrano.

To protect the pets in its shelter, the animal service is temporarily suspending the following services until their dogs receive further notice.

Wellness Clinic – Spa / Neutral Surgery, Vaccination, Microchipping
Receiving – Dedication of the owner
Offsite pet adoption event
The virus is spread through direct contact with an infected dog and through contact with people who have been exposed to the virus. The virus can be transmitted to people’s clothing, hands and objects such as food / water containers, collars / belts, toys and beds.

However, with most disinfectants, hand washing with soap and water, washing clothes and washing utensils and toys with soap and water are easily killed.

In trails and tail parks in Doral, some dog owners said they had never heard of CIRDC.

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“No, I haven’t heard of it. This is the first time I’ve heard of it,” said Giavoni Tardensila.

Asked if he cared, he replied, “Not really.” This is the third time I have brought them into the park. I take him home but I don’t care. ”

Jimena Aponte wasn’t too worried either.

“We exercise, we eat right. Most importantly, the Lord will protect us,” Aponte said. “He’s not around many dogs. He’s always around the neighbors’ dogs and these dogs, but not many dogs are around. “

Dr. Serrano said the virus travels through airborne droplets and is highly contagious. She said dog owners should behave like cowards, keeping a safe distance from other dogs as they have the potential to be dangerous.

She said: “It could progress to more serious pneumonia, fever, lethargy, and overeating.

If your dog shows symptoms, go to your veterinarian as there is treatment. Your dog may be fed antibiotics. The incubation period is three and 10 days. If infected, it can last from two weeks to a month.

Sneha Mali

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