Ditch the Social Scroll Envy & Learn to Monetize Your Personal Influencer Brand in less than 30 days with ‘Kickstart My Influence’ online Mastermind Workshop by Jessica Lynne White

Ditch the Social Scroll Envy & Learn to Monetize Your Personal Influencer Brand in less than 30 days with ‘Kickstart My Influence’ online Mastermind Workshop by Jessica Lynne White

‘Wake up at noon, eat, pretend to work from home, scroll through Instagram, curse coronavirus and lockdown, sleep, and repeat…’- This is what almost everyone’s daily schedule looks like these days. You come across so many influencers in day to day social scrolling. Have you ever thought “How did that girl get so many followers, comments and free stuff? Or have you ever wondered how much an Influencer really gets paid to post? Are you waiting for a miracle to happen and just change your life into a magical highlight reel with perfect photos, sponsored content and a killer blog bringing in a serious side hustle? Well, miracles do happen, but in the real world, we also need a little help. Thankfully achieving massive social media success is now totally possible with Jessica’s all-new info packed workshop “Kickstart My Influence”.  This 4 week online Mastermind Workshop will prepare newbie influencers and bloggers to hit the ground running, without all the trial and error.  How amazing would it feel to instantly influence your target audience in just under 30 days?  Jessica Lynne White is here to help you launch your social media and blogging career to new heights by organizing an online workshop (for people just like you and me) to kick-start our journey to becoming authentic and successful social media influencer and profitable bloggers.

With social media becoming a major pillar of support for business communication during the Covid-19 pandemic, influencers (especially Micro-Influencers with under 100k followers) play a major role in growing their client’s brands and opening up new opportunities for themselves because of their highly engaged audience. But how does one go about it? “Can new social media influencers tap into a $200 Billion branded content marketing industry in North America alone?”, “How to even pitch or successfully land those important brand deals?”, “How to brand media channels?” Answers to all these questions can be found with Kickstart My Influence.

This is the perfect online course for those who want to become social media influencers, monetize their presence on social media, and open up new revenue streams from home. “I have spent hours upon hours learning the value of branding, and have realized that social media influencers ARE a brand.”, says Jessica. For those initial fears, jitters, and lack of clarity, Jessica is here to clarify everything, including a well laid out roadmap to success.

Kickstart My Influence is an info packed online Mastermind Workshop that will enable you to create authentic, killer content that will have followers coming back for more. You will learn the secrets to successfully using hashtags to attract real followers and brands alike.  Bonus features of Kickstart My Influence include all the strategies on how to leverage Instagram features such as stories, reels, and IGTV. Paid students will also receive Jessica’s custom Lightroom photo presets “Love Your Filter” bundle FREE so kick-starting your instagram feed aesthetic will be a breeze. To find out more about this influencer curated Mastermind Workshop, visit this link: https://www.kickstartmyinfluence.com

Jessica is the creator of the Zen Mom Life blog, a successful social media inlfuencer and strategist on many channels, and a branding & marketing expert. She is also a Licensed Physical Therapist as well as a Mindfulness Coach in Los Angeles, California.  

For more information, you can reach out: https://www.jessicalynnewhite.com/

You can find Jessica on various platforms through these links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zenjessica/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenmomlife

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zenmomlife

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