Digital Ad spend set to surge, Kanthi D Suresh of Power Sportz says it’s Creative Intelligence

Digital Ad spend set to surge, Kanthi D Suresh of Power Sportz says it’s Creative Intelligence

In a series of zoom interactions today beginning with addressing the Senior management of the Radio network, BIG 92.7 fm, to a group of young budding woman Entrepreneurs in an Alumni group, Kanthi D Suresh said that the Pandemic and the challenges around it, only helped in enhancing the teams  Creative intelligence and harnessed the Power to create & connect. We all were forced to embrace ambiguity and develop an experimental mindset, and it seems to have worked, she said, exuding an effortless confidence! 

Power Sportz over the past few months,  has managed to add innovative features to their product line. A Multiple streaming interface on their platform allowing four live streams to run parallelly has enhanced their inventory and monetization capacity by four times. 

A new League division responsible for Intellectual Property creation in Sports seems to have added a new dimension to the business line.  The think-tank part  of this new division seems to have used their intellectual prowess and networking capabilities to put global teams together and create new formats in Global Cricket and Football. 

Another interesting  feature being added on is Programmatic video advertising, where customized ads could be served to specific  geo locations from where the user traffic is being generated. Currently the channel, apart from India, gets a large number of users  from USA, UK, Western Europe, and Brazil. 

On being asked to give a message to Women entrepreneurs, she said that Entrepreneurship, per se,  is largely gender agnostic, and is important to make sure you don’t mix  ‘small minds’ with ‘big vision’.

Amidst  all the difficulties and challenges, the year 2020 seems to have worked in favour of a few sectors, and the digital sector has definitely been one of them.

Isabel Turner

Isabel is a Freelance Journalist with a BA in Media and Journalism and an MA in Film and Television. She has over fifteen years of experience in writing for several blog sites about businesses, books, films, sports, health, and lifestyle.
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