Dbrand withdrew its PS5 Dark plate from sale after Sony threatened legal action

Dbrand withdrew its PS5 Dark plate from sale after Sony threatened legal action

Earlier this year, Dbrand began selling matte black PS5 side plates called Darkplates, and when that happened, he told Sony on the product information page, “Go ahead, sue us.” Some of us got our hands on them and they look exactly as you expected, making the sides of your PS5 black instead of white. They also have their own tongue-in-cheek on the PlayStation Icon Microtexture.

Until Saturday, you can’t buy Darkplate anymore, as Dubrand has (perhaps surprisingly) removed them from sale after receiving a closed and discouraging letter from Sony. (If you visit the Darkplates site right now, it only shows a list of news articles with news from The Verge).

Dbrand shared a letter with The Verge, which we included at the bottom of the article. Sony raises some complaints in the letter, including how Faceplates “replicate the design of SIE’s [Sony Interactive Entertainment] protected product” and issues with Dbrand’s versions of the PlayStation icon. Dbrand says the letter was issued earlier this year but did not provide an exact timeline.

As part of the letter, Sony asked Dbrand to “immediately and permanently stop and shut down all marketing and advertising around the world, including SIE’s PS5 Faceplate product configuration or any similar product configuration, which currently includes all Faceplates without limitation. For sale on dbrand.com. ”

Dbrand does not seem to agree to abide by the ban permanently and stop it anyway. He says he will comply so far.

Or more specifically: “We’ve chosen right now for terrorist demands …” Dubrand writes in a 1,666-word post on the company’s subtitle, filled with harsh words for Sony and even some F-bombs. The company signs up with “Talk Soon”, indicating that it already has other plans.

This is not the first time Sony has threatened legal action against PS5 side plates. VGC reported in November that a company that started life as the PlayStation 5 changed its name to CustomizeMyPlates and then canceled and returned the order after Sony threatened legal action. That company is back in January and is selling its custom plates again.

Part of the reason there is a market for side plates is probably because they are not very difficult to remove from the PS5. In fact, Sony shows you how you can do that in the official tearing of the console.

The ease with which you can remove the PS5’s plates not only makes it easier to get to the interior of the console, but also plans to release other versions of the side plates in the future. You can now buy a red and black dualsense controller and the Black Pulse 3D audio headset is on the way, suggesting that Sony is experimenting with at least other color combinations for its accessories, so the official set of black side plates doesn’t come out. Area of ​​possibility.

If you don’t want to wait for Sony, however, you have a lesser choice of third-party side plates to choose from when you’re not in Dbrand’s market.

Sneha Mali

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